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Monday, May 13, 2013

How safe are you #8



Passwords - The best defense for protecting yourself.

There are many passwords for each and everyone of your account that has to be present at any given time.

An error from your end and the entire account gets blocked! It has probably happened to many of you. The whole point of going through all of this is to explain the delicate nature of your life, your dependancy on modern age tools, to trust them blindedly with your entire life story and your life's earnings.
People have many online accounts like email, socail sites, chatrooms, music sites, forums, etc.

Basically nowadays most websites ask you to be a member in return for their services leading to more uernames and passwords. So, it is only obvious that you have the same passwords or similar ones as they are easy to remember or to recollect. Many use the most common ones that are esy to crack in a few attempts. Don't be a fool.

Keep the best password that you think no one can crack except you!

Check out some useful links HERE

I know what you are probably thinking - How will a password save me?
Hey! Atleast you are not handing stuff over easily!

If some hacker someplace steals your data from some website, it is the webstes' fault and not yours. But the least you can do is control the leak of information on your part. Be careful and be aware. No matter what those websites tell you - your profile is incomplete, mention your friends, or ANY SUCH THING - know when to stop. Keep your information brief and upto the point.

It won't be any good delelting your account or your profile - that won't get you anyplace. Afterall the internet has become an essential part of your life, it has made life stress free and easier, so the least you can do is not be very generous.


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