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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tech Help #4 The "DOWNLOAD Special"... Hurrah...


This time I'll cover some various topics related to downloading different things off the Internet.

01] To download YouTube videos, you can use a few addons in firefox.These are easy to use, and lots of these are available on the firefox website.

02] To download videos from websites such as Facebook, or any other website, you can use YouTube Downloader.
[Obviously, you have to pay for the full version]

03] Many people use p2p clients such as µTorrent, Bitcomet, Bitlord, Limewire. However, I think that the best one is µTorrent. Torrents are easily available online. Much information can be found everywhere on the Internet.

04] Download links can also be found on many websites, which contain files split into multiple files and uploaded on some sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. Many websites require you to become a member in order to get those files. Some charge you, while some are free.

05] Many websites provide free and live streaming television online, music, and movies. Some are free, many are not.

06] There are many download managers available today, that allow quick and easy downloads. The thing is that all of them are demo or trial versions. Full versions are available, but at a cost.

07] Everyone knows how to download Images, so no point in discussing that.

08] Music is also available online for free. Many sites provide them. Some sites provide with a free clip of the song, so if you like it, you can download it. And of course - some sites are pay sites. The 'iTunes Store' is well known for its wide range of ebooks, music, movies and trailers available at ve4ry low rates.

09] Many Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. are very useful if you have to find some of these things. Torrents, links, whatever you desire can be found.

10] Many Pay sites allow you to become a member via Invitations. So, if any of your friend is a member of such sites, check if he/she can send you an Invite. But be careful, coz many sites require you to maintain a particular Download-to-Upload ratio, and that is hard to maintain.

I can't provide with the websites or softwares, you can simply google it.
Google with proper words, and I guarantee that thou shalt not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading. Do tell me if my posts are wise or wicked.
VB signing off..

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tech Help #3 File Formats


Many complain about 'How to open a certain File?' There are various types of files that have come up today. I'll be mentioning some of the necessary ones.

So here it is:

01] ".pdf" - is a document file [Portable Document Format (PDF)] and usually used for eBooks - For this, use Adobe Reader.

02] ".iso, .mdf, mdf, etc..", use DAEMON Tools Lite

03] ".html. mhtml" - are webpages and can be opened directly in a web-browser that is installed in your PC.

04] ".txt" - are text files and can simply be opened in a Notepad. [for windows users]

05] ".jpeg, jpg, gif, tiff, raw, png, bmp, giff, etc." - are image files - use Picasa or Irfanview.

06] ".mp3, wma, ogg, wav, flac, vox, m4a, ra, rm, etc." - are audio files - use VLC player to play them.

07] "wmv, divX, Xvid, avi, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, m4v, mkv, ogm, ogg, H264, etc." - are video files - use VLC player to play them.

08] ".rar, .cbr, .cbz, .zip, .7zip, etc.."  - These are Compressed file formats, and to get the file, they must be extracted. For this, use Winrar.

09] ".cbz, .cbr,..." - These are comic book archives [probably useful to comic-book fanatics like me]. You can use Comical, CDisplay, or ComicRack to view the comics directly without extracting from the archive.

10] ".001, .002, etc" - These are also Compressed file formats, but they need to be joined. For this, use HJSplit or FFSJ.

11] ".doc, docx" - are MS Office Word 97-2003, 2010 documents formats respectively.

12] ".ppt" - is a powerpoint presentation file, and can be viewed if you have MS Office 97, 03, 2007, or 2010.

13] ".azw, .opf, .tr2, .tr3, .aeh, .fb2 ..." - are other ebook formats - most of them do not require special softwares, they open directly in windows.

14] Many people complain about using a proper Office solution for their PCs - like MS Office, etc. but the problem is that, either the softwares are costly, or hard to find. In such cases you can use OpenOffice. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose. It is just like MS Office, with a difference.

I think I have covered most of the common terms. Do comment on my post.
VB signing out..

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tech Help #2 The Usual


Here's the next addition to your 'Tech Help'. In case of any problems, get back to the website of the product for proper instructions about Installation and usage.

01] Use C-cleaner to clean your PC. It removes all the unwanted files, temporary files, etc. and fixes registry errors as well, thus making your PC work smoothly. It is easy to use.

02] Ever had such an annoying message given by Windows?

Then Unlocker is the solution! Just right-click the file/folder, click unlocker, and it will display the program using the particular file/folder, which can be unlocked by clicking 'End process'.

03] To view Images and Photos, I would recommend Picasa, or, Irfanview.

04] If you have problems viewing video/audio files, mp3s, music, movies, clips, or some weird formats, you can download VLC media Player. It plays all types of video/audio files. You don't need any other fancy media player which boasts of options. Don't go by its looks. Believe me, it is the best there is.. Go Figure..
Another media player which you can use is the KM Player.

05] If still there are any Problems with viewing video/audio files, download XP Codec Pack.
Install it, and then try playing your files again.

06] To convert multimedia files into various formats, you can use AVC.

07] To recover deleted files, you can use -  PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery or Recuva. , in some cases, files can never be recovered. Use it only if it is really necessary and for very important deleted files, coz Recovery takes a time depending on the size of the file. So if it is just some movies or songs, don't even bother...

08] Copying files becomes tedious sometimes, and some files get damaged due to certain problems such as power failure, lack of memory from RAM, etc. Teracopy is a software which assures proper copying regardless of any such problems.

09] For music lovers, I would recommend Winamp, but if you do not want to use lots of softwares, use VLC Player instead - as I said earlier, it plays everything. Some also like to use iTunes - a software much useful if you have Apple-products like ipod, itouch, or ipad. I don't like to use it as a music player on my PC, coz it renames the songs, and sorts every song into different individual folders.

10] This one is for those wanting to know, what is IN your PC. Many have no clue as to what their PC comprises of. I would recommend SiSoftware Sandra Lite (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility. It provides information you need to know about your hardware, software and other devices.

Part 3 up next...
VB Signing out...

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tech Help #1 Basics


I have seen many of friends having a bad hair day. Especially their PCs. So I've decided to get y'all a few Tips and a bunch of handy softwares that will do the trick, without you having to go all crazy about your computers..

So here goes:

01] Check the plugs and connections of all the accessories, the monitor, the CPU, etc.

02] See that the switch is switched on. [Believe me, that is the root cause to many problems]

03] Never lay hands on the insides of your PC, if you are unaware of its working.

04] You should have atleast 512 mb of RAM.

05] High Definition Videos, and Games won't work unless you have a good Graphics Card.

06] Never let your hard-drive get filled up completely, always keep at least 700 mb free on each respective drive/partition.

07] Backup your important files in an external/portable hard-drive, or in pen-drives, or by burning the data onto CDs/DVDs from time to time.

08] In case there are sound problems, try updating your audio drivers from the internet, or re-install them from the CD provided to you alongwith the product. If still the problem persists, check your speakers, and connections.

09] Have a good and updated antivirus, to protect your PC. I would Recommend: [Click the name of the product, to go to the official website]
These are freely available for download, and are really effective. Some need registration [Do it, its easy, and not problematic]. Even if you don't register, it's fine, after a few weeks, you have to download a newer version. The antivirus gets updated automatically.

10] Use a good browser for surfing. I would strongly Recommend - Mozilla Firefox.
The reason being its flexibility and ease of surfing, plus you can also add multiple add-ons.

Next addition coming soon...
VB signing out...

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tech Help - 'Things to keep in mind'


Hey People,
My next series of posts will be based on troubleshooting your PCs. However there are some rules and limits that I must maintain.

These are as follows:

01] Software will be mentioned whether freeware, shareware, or paid.

02] I use Microsoft Windows as my OS, and sometimes Linux. However I have not used any other OS like Mac, etc. So all my posts are roughly based on software pertaining to Windows. Many of the software are also available for other platforms like Mac, Linux, etc.

03] I have used all of these software, and they have worked properly for me, and that is the reason why I am suggesting the same for you guys.

04] I'll not provide you with the software, but I'll only be providing links to the official websites of these, so that you can get the real stuff, instead of the pirated, corrupt, faulty, and virus-containing software.

05] Some of the software are Payware. But MOST of the software are either Freeware, or Shareware. You DO NOT have to pay for any of these. These are available for download, free of cost. Do not download from those sites which require you to pay for free softwares. Always go to the official website of the product.

06] You can use some software, without paying or registering. Although you can use most features that way, and believe me, you can definitely do well without those features.

07] I cannot mention websites which provide full version software for free, or serial keys, or codes, or cracks, or keygens (because of legal and copyright issues)

08] If you are new to using these software, follow the instructions carefully, to avoid any mishap.

09] During installation, many software require you to install their toolbar in your browser - if you want to install it, then it's okay, but if not, be sure to tick out the proper options, to avoid installing the toolbar into your browser.

10] It is entirely upon you to download and use these softwares, and it'll only make your PC-experience easy.

Use these software properly, and for any doubts or queries you can refer to their official websites.
I hope you enjoy them.... Happy troubleshooting ;)

Do tell if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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