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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tech Help #1 Basics


I have seen many of friends having a bad hair day. Especially their PCs. So I've decided to get y'all a few Tips and a bunch of handy softwares that will do the trick, without you having to go all crazy about your computers..

So here goes:

01] Check the plugs and connections of all the accessories, the monitor, the CPU, etc.

02] See that the switch is switched on. [Believe me, that is the root cause to many problems]

03] Never lay hands on the insides of your PC, if you are unaware of its working.

04] You should have atleast 512 mb of RAM.

05] High Definition Videos, and Games won't work unless you have a good Graphics Card.

06] Never let your hard-drive get filled up completely, always keep at least 700 mb free on each respective drive/partition.

07] Backup your important files in an external/portable hard-drive, or in pen-drives, or by burning the data onto CDs/DVDs from time to time.

08] In case there are sound problems, try updating your audio drivers from the internet, or re-install them from the CD provided to you alongwith the product. If still the problem persists, check your speakers, and connections.

09] Have a good and updated antivirus, to protect your PC. I would Recommend: [Click the name of the product, to go to the official website]
These are freely available for download, and are really effective. Some need registration [Do it, its easy, and not problematic]. Even if you don't register, it's fine, after a few weeks, you have to download a newer version. The antivirus gets updated automatically.

10] Use a good browser for surfing. I would strongly Recommend - Mozilla Firefox.
The reason being its flexibility and ease of surfing, plus you can also add multiple add-ons.

Next addition coming soon...
VB signing out...

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