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Friday, September 23, 2011

Déjà vu


The first question that pops into your head is: What is Déjà vu?

Definition: Déjà vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.

Déjà vu,
A feeling that you have been here before. I have felt that probably a zillion times till now, but it is somewhat creepy when you start seeing things that you had probably seen long before they happened, or you had a feeling that they were gonna happen in the exact same manner that you had thought they would. Yup… I know that I am not making any sense probably by now, but that’s how it makes me feel.

Recently, a few “déjà vu’s” ago, I had a rather freakish encounter at my workplace. I am sitting in my lab with a colleague, doing my work, explaining her a few fundamentals of microbiology; there’s the lab technician as well, who is doing the work of repairing a unit which was down. So, this colleague of mine starts talking about movies and all, and she pauses for a moment to help the technician… and this is where it begins; and I fell a chill run down my spine and my head goes into the ‘confused’ state.

She goes on to say that she is excited to see this movie…
to which I interrupt and say… “Zindagi na milegi dobara”…
and she’s like, “how’d you know?”
I reply: “maybe I’m a mind reader”… and just divert the topic…

But, it doesn’t end here;
Now, we continue our talk, wherein the technician also joins in. He says [happily] that he loved a recent movie that he watched…
But here I again sense something, I point out to the pen of my colleague with a gut feeling just as it is falling down, at the exact moment, pointing out to its trajectory.
I recite the exact sentences that she says after this: “How did you know that?”
Next, I just speak up the joke that the technician was going to crack.

By now the three of us have our jaws dropped on the floor.
The technician says; “Arey tujhe kya… [and I complete it by saying] bhavisyhavani hui kya?”
Still amazed…
He continues: “Tujhe kaise maloom… [again I continue] ki aisa hone waala hai?”
So, you see, how did I even know he was going to say all this?
I reply by saying “Déjà vu”.

Now my colleague asks me: [somehow I knew she was gonna ask me this, in the exact set of words]
“Ye déjà vu kya hota hai?”
And before I can tell her something I turn around towards the door, and say “Now the guy from the stores is gonna enter… “[It happens].
Then I tell them that he’s going to say to the chemist: “Material aaya hai, check kar lo”, [again I’m pointing to his pocket, from where he removes the bill, and keeps it on the table…];
and the chemist is gonna say: “Chal main aa raha hoon, usay kaam karne de”, and they both leave.[it happens again].

Then I turn back to these two creeped out guys, and we are all amazed to our wits.

Before my colleague can say anything, I interlude by saying “Now you are going to say: Tumhe toh sab maloom hai Viraj”… and which is… guess what! Gives me yet again a confused nod from her.

After a few minutes I start feeling okay. The feeling wears out eventually, and I still can’t believe myself… For that entire day I just could not believe myself.
Just another adventure I guess…

Has something like this happened to you? Do comment. Your opinions will be appreciated…

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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