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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thoughts - Gift or Curse?


There are lot of things in our minds, that are lurking around like deep darkened shadows. It is impossible for us to determine what these things are and what do they mean? Various thoughts, ideas, impressions, and dreams and nightmares that are all jumbled up together along with our hopes, goals, faith, and our subconsciousness, make our mind an unstable entity. It does happen sometimes, that we try desperately to seek the meaning of our life, what it holds for us, why are we here, what does it mean to us, why are we even alive? etc. etc.

I cannot say for everyone, but I can say for sure that I have asked these to myself. I have searched answers for these questions for the last couple of years, and i still haven't got any answers, it is as if we don't have the authority to question our fate and future. Maybe I am asking in the wrong place, maybe that I am not supposed to ask, maybe I am not asking the right question, maybe I am not that-much religious, maybe I am thinking too much, maybe I shouldn't be asking these things, maybe I should be asking these things, maybe I don't deserve it, maybe I am going Insane, maybe whatever I am asking is correct, OR maybe that none of it is right.

My friends say that I think too much [I don't know], they say I should stop thinking [something we can never do], I don't think about other important things, etc. etc.
[psst.... some even say I am going nuts.]

There is a certain battle inside me to know what is it that keeps me going, which keeps everyone going - facing the dangers, living life as it is, moving ahead with a smile....... what is it? Is this the very essence of life? Is this what life really is? I can never say for sure........ As a matter of fact I don't even know why the hell, should I be even thinking this way? Why am I typing this all of a sudden? As far as I have seen, normal people don't do this kind of stuff, and ask such questions.. So, am I stupid? Am I an Alien, or a mutant of my own kind, or Very smart, or am I a being of some cosmological origin? Or am I simply juggling with facts and aspects of life that do not have any answers?

The answers can be as simple as a humble NO, or an idiotic YES, OR supposedly as you would agree to MAYBE, or a subtle and sublime ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY?

You tell me -------- WISE ya WICKED?

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hey Guys, Viraj here, apart from billions of users out there, I've Finally decided to start writing my own Blog. It all begins with getting "Inspired" from my friends blogs.... I still have no clue how everyone manages to maintain such excellent Blogs. I really hope I can start off by at least doing a bit of basic stuff, like throwing a few pics here and there, by adding a pinch of articles, adding a dash of humor to top it all of, and (Hopefully) get some better templates and graphics..

Do comment on my blogs, or post your suggestions. Any help would be deeply appreciated. All the content is original. I hold the rights for all the typed and published articles and posts.

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