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Friday, September 23, 2011

Déjà vu


The first question that pops into your head is: What is Déjà vu?

Definition: Déjà vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined.

Déjà vu,
A feeling that you have been here before. I have felt that probably a zillion times till now, but it is somewhat creepy when you start seeing things that you had probably seen long before they happened, or you had a feeling that they were gonna happen in the exact same manner that you had thought they would. Yup… I know that I am not making any sense probably by now, but that’s how it makes me feel.

Recently, a few “déjà vu’s” ago, I had a rather freakish encounter at my workplace. I am sitting in my lab with a colleague, doing my work, explaining her a few fundamentals of microbiology; there’s the lab technician as well, who is doing the work of repairing a unit which was down. So, this colleague of mine starts talking about movies and all, and she pauses for a moment to help the technician… and this is where it begins; and I fell a chill run down my spine and my head goes into the ‘confused’ state.

She goes on to say that she is excited to see this movie…
to which I interrupt and say… “Zindagi na milegi dobara”…
and she’s like, “how’d you know?”
I reply: “maybe I’m a mind reader”… and just divert the topic…

But, it doesn’t end here;
Now, we continue our talk, wherein the technician also joins in. He says [happily] that he loved a recent movie that he watched…
But here I again sense something, I point out to the pen of my colleague with a gut feeling just as it is falling down, at the exact moment, pointing out to its trajectory.
I recite the exact sentences that she says after this: “How did you know that?”
Next, I just speak up the joke that the technician was going to crack.

By now the three of us have our jaws dropped on the floor.
The technician says; “Arey tujhe kya… [and I complete it by saying] bhavisyhavani hui kya?”
Still amazed…
He continues: “Tujhe kaise maloom… [again I continue] ki aisa hone waala hai?”
So, you see, how did I even know he was going to say all this?
I reply by saying “Déjà vu”.

Now my colleague asks me: [somehow I knew she was gonna ask me this, in the exact set of words]
“Ye déjà vu kya hota hai?”
And before I can tell her something I turn around towards the door, and say “Now the guy from the stores is gonna enter… “[It happens].
Then I tell them that he’s going to say to the chemist: “Material aaya hai, check kar lo”, [again I’m pointing to his pocket, from where he removes the bill, and keeps it on the table…];
and the chemist is gonna say: “Chal main aa raha hoon, usay kaam karne de”, and they both leave.[it happens again].

Then I turn back to these two creeped out guys, and we are all amazed to our wits.

Before my colleague can say anything, I interlude by saying “Now you are going to say: Tumhe toh sab maloom hai Viraj”… and which is… guess what! Gives me yet again a confused nod from her.

After a few minutes I start feeling okay. The feeling wears out eventually, and I still can’t believe myself… For that entire day I just could not believe myself.
Just another adventure I guess…

Has something like this happened to you? Do comment. Your opinions will be appreciated…

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Thursday, June 9, 2011



 This time I really have no idea as to why I am even trying to write something that simply doesn't concern everyone else on this planet. Things just seem to find a way through to me. No matter what I do, things eventually tend to get all messed up. Its like I just wanna scream out at this world, I simply cannot bear the noise, its deafening.

Why is it that people tend to make a degraded impression of yours in their puny little minds, and act accordingly, just like their filthy personalities and treat you as if the word 'nothing' was created when you were born! This is simply preposterous, ridiculous, silly! Just see me for what I am for God's sake, and not what you all think, coz what your sick minds have told you is totally bull$hit!

It has been proven that humans use only two percent of their brain capacity, and if we could utilise the entire hundred percent, we could do wonders... I disagree with this point, two percent? are you kidding me? I think people don't even use 0.002% of their brains, let alone the gigantic figure of "2%". People don't use their brains, they use their brawns, their ears are their brains.

Oh! And in case you don't know, I really wanna prove that their brains reside in their knees. Maybe that's why they keep on scratching their heads, coz they feel that, "Hey! Isn't something missing inside here?"

I am not talking about everyone. They rest of mankind is great! Its cool! Its just that there are some DORKS out there that have no idea as to what they are, and who "believe" that they are a superior race to Human Beings.

You may have known a few, 'known' because then you got fed up of their nonsense and abandoned them. But me... I know many, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get rid of these idiots.

I know I know, all human beings are equals, we should never think this way about others, leave them, ignore them, they are made that way only, are you that great that you think so low about others... and etc. etc. and all the other blah! I know all of these things, but believe me, they are an insult to the word "Humans".

If you haven't yet, then you will meet someone so $hitty that you'd really want to knock them down. Stay away from these people/whatever you wanna call them. Beware!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wth is going on?


Everyone seems to keep staring at me all the time, no matter wherever I go, whatever I do, everyone keeps on looking at me. I almost feel that their eyes are seeing through my flesh, my skin, seeing through my bare soul.

I try to avoid looking but it simply doesn't help. It just makes me feel a lot uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel that I am a ghost or some damned spirit cursed to walk this world in the form of a human, and except me, I think everyone knows that - and maybe that's the reason they are watching me.

I have no surity if I am delusional at the least. Are these 'thoughts' that are simply popping up in my mind? Or is everything that I am thinking just real! Anyplace that I have been to, everyplace that I am going to, simply doesn't make any sense. Sometimes I end up wondering what am I doing here!

Everything is just so artificial, so false, that it just gets harder to believe the world around me with every single passing moment. The state of my mind does not permit me into believing anything to be real.

If this is the reality, how do I know it is? How can I trust it? How do you know if it is real?

I just keep on thinking so much, that I get way ahead of myself, and away from everything, that I even forget what I was doing, and where I was. .

VB signing off...

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My faded life...


Life just seems like it has come to a standstill.
Nothing seems to be going on.

Everything seems like it is a part of a dream. I don't even know if I am awake. Nothing seems real to me. It is although as if nothing exists anymore. Each and every memory of mine seems to have faded into some far flunged corners of my mind. I dunno if even they are real; I mean, all the times spent with the family, friends and the loved ones seems like it all was just a part of some story, script, dream, or just a part of my imagination. I don't feel anything relating to me, and neither does any of it even make me feel sad or happy about those times. It is just as all my feelings have just died out.

Besides, I am having my own doubts as if I am really alive, or is this just one of my most unwanted nightmares that I am dreaming, or if I am just a part of someones script that my story is just being painted with some vivid perceptions and concepts that is freaking me out. I am SIMPLY not sure.

I mean I keep staring out, and still have no idea as to what I am looking at. I just met two of my best people that I know, my friends whom I had been eagerly dying to meet, and I don't know if I am happy about it at all. I mean, things ended so quickly, that I wonder if it ever happened. So many things were left to be done, so many things left to be said, and yet everything just seems false. Sometimes, I think I am just being played. There is nothing that is making me feel the reality.

I thought that maybe I am not well connected to everyone, and that is why I feel this way. So, I tried to go back into my past, going back to those friends, catching up with them, long missed and forgotten, and yet..... I don't feel anything. Meeting all my dear friends - those handsomes & sweethearts, and yet my senses do not seem to work at all. Time seems to hold no value, in this [real, hypothetical, I don't know] world. I try to remember everything - moment, time, experience, feelings, and memory - and yet, I realise that I don't have any of them at all. Everything is just as if it had never occurred. Everything is a blur! Everything just whizzes by so rapidly that I can hardly keep a track on things, it's like I am not able to even notice anything.

Some people often say that they 'blank out', but there is nothing like that with me, I don't 'blank out', I'd rather say that 'I feel as if I am fading out of existence from this dimension'. I simply keep on asking myself 'What is going on?'. Its like, why am I even typing this stuff down? Will it even matter? Maybe I am just undergoing paranoia, maybe I am delusional. Maybe, the alarm clock will ring, and I'll wake up into the real world and realise that all of this is simply just a dream, and nothing else.

I sometimes feel that my nightmares are wayyyyyy too better than this life. 'NUMB' if far better a word that I can use to describe my situation. Sometimes I feel as if I am jeopardising my own sanity. Maybe I'd be better off in a mental asylum, dosed with anaesthetics and drugs, that would simply put me away to a deep slumber, maybe the ones from which I could thankfully never wake up.

Cradling my head in my hands, trying to breathe as slowly as I can, I try to ease my mind, trying to figure out a way to get these things out of my head. I think - What the hell happened? Why have I gotten this way? Why can't I just live without thinking much, and go on easily with my life just like everyone in this world?

And yet, like always, I have no answer to go with it...

VB Signing off...

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Ode To a Dearest Icon..


I normally do not talk, or write about people close to me.
However, I am willing to a round of ceasefire this time.

A dear friend of mine - Akshata, is going to get married, and I could not think of any other way to commemorate her than by doing what I do best - Write [In this case, Type].
And I know for sure, that the rest of our group would agree with me as well on this one.

Dids, this One is for you...:--

The Alpha & Omega of our humble wolf-pack,
Who leads us on our routine quests,
Of mind boggling dilemma, and non-stop madness,
A referee of sorts,
Who is always there for our moral support.

The one who has unknowingly guided me anymore than I can tell,
Helped me with some of my decisions,
And pointed me in the right directions as well.

Free spirited, but a bit stubborn,
Always ready to help, and yet, a beautiful person.
Besides being a loving sister, and a daughter of proud parents,
She is a gentle person at heart, and a truly great friend.

Undifferentiated between young and old, high and low,
Highly defensive about her thoughts, ways, ideals and goals.

Being from the same field of study as me,
She juggles responsibilities with ease.
A person so sweet,
She's got a smile too sweet to resist.

She often gives me a complex, as to how much responsible can a child be,
Towards their parents and equally to their siblings.

Life hasn't been kind to everyone,
It has been dedicated to only a few,
Friends may have been many,
But even though, we are lucky to have found you.

Now she enters a new phase of life,
That of being a daughter-in-law, of being an ideal wife.
And I'm happy that I'm doing my bit for her,
That I'm doing it in my own style.

The bonds of blood may not have bound us,
But our bond of friendship surpass those as well.
If any doubts or problems have you cornered or squared,
Just think of us, and we'll be there.

I hope you like this, and I know that you won't be mad,
Coz you know how much we all adore you, and how much we care.

Hope you won't forget us, Hope you'll stay in contact,
And I dearly hope that our friendship stays intact.

It is easy to have said we will miss you, than to have expressed,
It is a harsh notion that will never cease to end.

I just want to wish you good luck, joy and happiness,
Lots of fun-filled adventures and merriness as well.
You will be successful in your life, and with zest you will shine,
I simply want to wish you - in my style - A Happy Married Life.

If you think she is good, then you'd better wait for some time,
Coz she's gonna get even better, now that she has a partner in crime,
I know she won't take things in the wrong way, coz I know that she understands,
That how much we love her, and that is all that matters in the end.

So here's wishing you an infinity of eternal bliss,
In a manner of three short words by saying "ALL THE BEST" :D

Thanks for reading; hope y'all enjoyed...

Do comment.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College: #2



Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College: The Sequel
  • In both cases there is a Detective/Spy/Commando/another word of two alphabets (that the friends of my college may know), that is appointed by the Bigg Boss to keep an eye on you secretly.
  • You feel like Shweta Tiwari [that TV actress] from season 4 of Bigg Boss, when your professors scold you out of proportion for just about and absolutely nothing. And you know what? They sound just like 'Dolly Bindra'!!!!!
  • There is (for some obvious reasons) no Salman Khan, or Amitabh Bachchan acting as an anchor/host to help support you, and clear things out.
  • For the time period that you are there in both cases, you are always reminded of your family - you miss them dearly than anything else in this whole world, especially during some Lectures.
  • The only biggest difference is, that Bigg Boss is happy whenever you complete a task, but the Princi???????......... NEVER!!!!
  • Both speak through a microphone.
  • Both are weird.
  • In both cases, you have to maintain a decent outfit.
  • Both are completely sealed off from the outside world.
  • You can never escape from any of them.
  • You are never introduced to your fellow house/classmates as there is no such thing as an induction ceremony. We introduce ourselves in both cases.
  •  In both cases,life may become hell... (the chances of this happening are greater in the latter)
  • In Bigg Boss, you earn money, whereas in my college you only lose it.
  • In both cases, no matter what not the hell you have done for your college or for Bigg Boss doesn't matter, you are humiliated and eliminated, and you lose in the end... [In the Less Common Cases]
  • The Bottom line: You can leave the Bigg Boss House whenever you like, but in real life... not possible to a certain extent, coz anywhere you go, there will be another Bigg Boss waiting for you.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College: #1


For the general acknowledgment of the readers, Bigg Boss is an adaptation of the globally popular reality T.V. show Big Brother. However (as Usual), I somehow managed to find a few....
Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College:
  • Whenever the Princi announces something on the mic, it almost feels as if you are in Bigg Boss and the Bigg Boss is telling you to do something...
  • If you don't perform a particular task as told, you are punished.
  • You have to live on the supplied diet ONLY, something you might remember as your canteen was something like that..
  • You always feel like saying 'Disappear' to your Princi.
  • The professors come in and go out of the college just like the various contestants.
  • You think - if you could just nominate some of the professors out of the college.
  • The cultural events make you feel like performing a task in Bigg Boss - it is obviously silly and lame, but hey!, no one can deny the Bigg Boss.
  • The house of Bigg Boss is surrounded by barb wires, giant walls, and security. There is not much of a difference over here. In fact it is even worse. There are watchmen, barb wires, peons, the Princi's chamchaas and DOGS!!! [yup - the sign on the entrance gate says so - 'beware of dogs'].
  • In both cases, you are under constant vigilance by cameras.If you manage to fool them, you won't survive the Princi's chamchaas' eyes...
  • You can only leave the Bigg Boss house when - either you are eliminated, or if you quit. You can only leave the college when - either you are eliminated, or if you quit, or if you are disqualified, or if you die, or if you pretend you are dying, or if you are abducted by aliens...... or in simple words - when all the lectures,and practicals are completed.
  • Some Professors boast so much, that you feel that you are talking with Kamaal Khan - the infamous KRK, the legend...
  • You cannot take mobile phones inside Bigg Boss's house, neither can you bring them into the college. If this happens, you are immediately called by YOUR Bigg Boss to his very own, private "CONFESSION ROOM"
  • The 'Days' celebrated in the college remind you of those silly gimmicks and costumes that the contestants from Bigg Boss pull off, when they are told to perform a skit...

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