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Thursday, June 9, 2011



 This time I really have no idea as to why I am even trying to write something that simply doesn't concern everyone else on this planet. Things just seem to find a way through to me. No matter what I do, things eventually tend to get all messed up. Its like I just wanna scream out at this world, I simply cannot bear the noise, its deafening.

Why is it that people tend to make a degraded impression of yours in their puny little minds, and act accordingly, just like their filthy personalities and treat you as if the word 'nothing' was created when you were born! This is simply preposterous, ridiculous, silly! Just see me for what I am for God's sake, and not what you all think, coz what your sick minds have told you is totally bull$hit!

It has been proven that humans use only two percent of their brain capacity, and if we could utilise the entire hundred percent, we could do wonders... I disagree with this point, two percent? are you kidding me? I think people don't even use 0.002% of their brains, let alone the gigantic figure of "2%". People don't use their brains, they use their brawns, their ears are their brains.

Oh! And in case you don't know, I really wanna prove that their brains reside in their knees. Maybe that's why they keep on scratching their heads, coz they feel that, "Hey! Isn't something missing inside here?"

I am not talking about everyone. They rest of mankind is great! Its cool! Its just that there are some DORKS out there that have no idea as to what they are, and who "believe" that they are a superior race to Human Beings.

You may have known a few, 'known' because then you got fed up of their nonsense and abandoned them. But me... I know many, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get rid of these idiots.

I know I know, all human beings are equals, we should never think this way about others, leave them, ignore them, they are made that way only, are you that great that you think so low about others... and etc. etc. and all the other blah! I know all of these things, but believe me, they are an insult to the word "Humans".

If you haven't yet, then you will meet someone so $hitty that you'd really want to knock them down. Stay away from these people/whatever you wanna call them. Beware!

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