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Sunday, September 20, 2020



Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

The one that begins with an introduction

Being a kid, we always had this naïve-ness about us, some qualities that unwillingly helped us learn and grow. Things like hope, grit, positivity and so much more.

We’d never give up. We’d always keep moving and pushing forward.

Learning to walk – a brilliant example. Learning to talk, running, picking up a new skill, riding bicycles, and countless other things. Things that defined the ability that we as humans should have. Things that make us human.

As kids, it wasn’t the innocence that got people to call kids as ‘naïve’, ‘inexperienced’, ‘didn’t know anything about the world’. But, kids are the most honest form of humanity.

Kids say what is on their mind. They speak the truth. They are not aware of the concept of lying, until they learn about it and how it will benefit them. They don’t hide feelings and nor do they let others hide it. If they know about yours too, oh they’re gonna talk.

No bribes, no pacts, no pinky promises work for them. They’ll promise not to tell your secret and then go full guns blazing about it. They have a puppy-eyed sorry that would make you go aww. Love them or hate them, they are what we desire to be.