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Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Ode To a Dearest Icon..


I normally do not talk, or write about people close to me.
However, I am willing to a round of ceasefire this time.

A dear friend of mine - Akshata, is going to get married, and I could not think of any other way to commemorate her than by doing what I do best - Write [In this case, Type].
And I know for sure, that the rest of our group would agree with me as well on this one.

Dids, this One is for you...:--

The Alpha & Omega of our humble wolf-pack,
Who leads us on our routine quests,
Of mind boggling dilemma, and non-stop madness,
A referee of sorts,
Who is always there for our moral support.

The one who has unknowingly guided me anymore than I can tell,
Helped me with some of my decisions,
And pointed me in the right directions as well.

Free spirited, but a bit stubborn,
Always ready to help, and yet, a beautiful person.
Besides being a loving sister, and a daughter of proud parents,
She is a gentle person at heart, and a truly great friend.

Undifferentiated between young and old, high and low,
Highly defensive about her thoughts, ways, ideals and goals.

Being from the same field of study as me,
She juggles responsibilities with ease.
A person so sweet,
She's got a smile too sweet to resist.

She often gives me a complex, as to how much responsible can a child be,
Towards their parents and equally to their siblings.

Life hasn't been kind to everyone,
It has been dedicated to only a few,
Friends may have been many,
But even though, we are lucky to have found you.

Now she enters a new phase of life,
That of being a daughter-in-law, of being an ideal wife.
And I'm happy that I'm doing my bit for her,
That I'm doing it in my own style.

The bonds of blood may not have bound us,
But our bond of friendship surpass those as well.
If any doubts or problems have you cornered or squared,
Just think of us, and we'll be there.

I hope you like this, and I know that you won't be mad,
Coz you know how much we all adore you, and how much we care.

Hope you won't forget us, Hope you'll stay in contact,
And I dearly hope that our friendship stays intact.

It is easy to have said we will miss you, than to have expressed,
It is a harsh notion that will never cease to end.

I just want to wish you good luck, joy and happiness,
Lots of fun-filled adventures and merriness as well.
You will be successful in your life, and with zest you will shine,
I simply want to wish you - in my style - A Happy Married Life.

If you think she is good, then you'd better wait for some time,
Coz she's gonna get even better, now that she has a partner in crime,
I know she won't take things in the wrong way, coz I know that she understands,
That how much we love her, and that is all that matters in the end.

So here's wishing you an infinity of eternal bliss,
In a manner of three short words by saying "ALL THE BEST" :D

Thanks for reading; hope y'all enjoyed...

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