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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College: #2



Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College: The Sequel
  • In both cases there is a Detective/Spy/Commando/another word of two alphabets (that the friends of my college may know), that is appointed by the Bigg Boss to keep an eye on you secretly.
  • You feel like Shweta Tiwari [that TV actress] from season 4 of Bigg Boss, when your professors scold you out of proportion for just about and absolutely nothing. And you know what? They sound just like 'Dolly Bindra'!!!!!
  • There is (for some obvious reasons) no Salman Khan, or Amitabh Bachchan acting as an anchor/host to help support you, and clear things out.
  • For the time period that you are there in both cases, you are always reminded of your family - you miss them dearly than anything else in this whole world, especially during some Lectures.
  • The only biggest difference is, that Bigg Boss is happy whenever you complete a task, but the Princi???????......... NEVER!!!!
  • Both speak through a microphone.
  • Both are weird.
  • In both cases, you have to maintain a decent outfit.
  • Both are completely sealed off from the outside world.
  • You can never escape from any of them.
  • You are never introduced to your fellow house/classmates as there is no such thing as an induction ceremony. We introduce ourselves in both cases.
  •  In both cases,life may become hell... (the chances of this happening are greater in the latter)
  • In Bigg Boss, you earn money, whereas in my college you only lose it.
  • In both cases, no matter what not the hell you have done for your college or for Bigg Boss doesn't matter, you are humiliated and eliminated, and you lose in the end... [In the Less Common Cases]
  • The Bottom line: You can leave the Bigg Boss House whenever you like, but in real life... not possible to a certain extent, coz anywhere you go, there will be another Bigg Boss waiting for you.

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