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Friday, March 25, 2011

Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College: #1


For the general acknowledgment of the readers, Bigg Boss is an adaptation of the globally popular reality T.V. show Big Brother. However (as Usual), I somehow managed to find a few....
Similarities & Differences between Bigg Boss and My College:
  • Whenever the Princi announces something on the mic, it almost feels as if you are in Bigg Boss and the Bigg Boss is telling you to do something...
  • If you don't perform a particular task as told, you are punished.
  • You have to live on the supplied diet ONLY, something you might remember as your canteen was something like that..
  • You always feel like saying 'Disappear' to your Princi.
  • The professors come in and go out of the college just like the various contestants.
  • You think - if you could just nominate some of the professors out of the college.
  • The cultural events make you feel like performing a task in Bigg Boss - it is obviously silly and lame, but hey!, no one can deny the Bigg Boss.
  • The house of Bigg Boss is surrounded by barb wires, giant walls, and security. There is not much of a difference over here. In fact it is even worse. There are watchmen, barb wires, peons, the Princi's chamchaas and DOGS!!! [yup - the sign on the entrance gate says so - 'beware of dogs'].
  • In both cases, you are under constant vigilance by cameras.If you manage to fool them, you won't survive the Princi's chamchaas' eyes...
  • You can only leave the Bigg Boss house when - either you are eliminated, or if you quit. You can only leave the college when - either you are eliminated, or if you quit, or if you are disqualified, or if you die, or if you pretend you are dying, or if you are abducted by aliens...... or in simple words - when all the lectures,and practicals are completed.
  • Some Professors boast so much, that you feel that you are talking with Kamaal Khan - the infamous KRK, the legend...
  • You cannot take mobile phones inside Bigg Boss's house, neither can you bring them into the college. If this happens, you are immediately called by YOUR Bigg Boss to his very own, private "CONFESSION ROOM"
  • The 'Days' celebrated in the college remind you of those silly gimmicks and costumes that the contestants from Bigg Boss pull off, when they are told to perform a skit...

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