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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fredo and Pidjin #2


Fredo and Pid’jin are two white pigeons who want to kill you and everyone else on Earth.
Their Holy Mission is to bring The End Of Our World.

These are a few selected favorites of mine, and are in continuation... so read till the end...

A Trippin’ To Remember

Hi, Pid'Jin! Did you manage to steal that plutonium?
You... you actually fucking sent me to Chernobyl!!!
HEY!!! You told me that means Eurodisney!!!

Skin Pour Homme

I've got the perfect remedy for your radiation-abused skin...
I'll use this strong after-shave.This may sting your raw exposed flesh...a little.
Eye close-up
Red eye close-up
Eyes close-up
Ok, now brace yourself, 'cause I'm about to open the bottle!

Compensating for Compassion

Fredo, where are we?! What's this smell, man...
Wow!!! You brought me to a hospital! How Thoughtful! And to think I was expecting another painful joke!!!
Guess I'll wait downstairs
There's a sick-looking bird in my ward! Oh my God, it's the bird flu!!! Kill it!!! Kill it now!

Fly, little chicken, fly!!! Fuck off, retard!

Play Hard, Die Hard

You'll die a thousand ugly deaths till I'm done killing you!!!
Have mercy on me!!!
Please forgive me, master Pid'Jin...
Scene from Wolfenstein3D. © Activision Publishing, Inc., Apogee, Atari, Inc., I think...
I'll do anything!!! I'll give you my holiday ticket!!! Take it! TAKE IT!!!
Oh god!!! What was I doing? I forgive you, Fredo... and yes, I'll accept your holiday ticket.
Bye, Pid'Jiiin... Enjoy your stay at Eurodisney! 

Hope you liked this post.

Do tell me if my posts are "Wise or Wicked"....
VB signing out.......

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