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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tech Help #4 The "DOWNLOAD Special"... Hurrah...


This time I'll cover some various topics related to downloading different things off the Internet.

01] To download YouTube videos, you can use a few addons in firefox.These are easy to use, and lots of these are available on the firefox website.

02] To download videos from websites such as Facebook, or any other website, you can use YouTube Downloader.
[Obviously, you have to pay for the full version]

03] Many people use p2p clients such as ĀµTorrent, Bitcomet, Bitlord, Limewire. However, I think that the best one is ĀµTorrent. Torrents are easily available online. Much information can be found everywhere on the Internet.

04] Download links can also be found on many websites, which contain files split into multiple files and uploaded on some sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc. Many websites require you to become a member in order to get those files. Some charge you, while some are free.

05] Many websites provide free and live streaming television online, music, and movies. Some are free, many are not.

06] There are many download managers available today, that allow quick and easy downloads. The thing is that all of them are demo or trial versions. Full versions are available, but at a cost.

07] Everyone knows how to download Images, so no point in discussing that.

08] Music is also available online for free. Many sites provide them. Some sites provide with a free clip of the song, so if you like it, you can download it. And of course - some sites are pay sites. The 'iTunes Store' is well known for its wide range of ebooks, music, movies and trailers available at ve4ry low rates.

09] Many Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. are very useful if you have to find some of these things. Torrents, links, whatever you desire can be found.

10] Many Pay sites allow you to become a member via Invitations. So, if any of your friend is a member of such sites, check if he/she can send you an Invite. But be careful, coz many sites require you to maintain a particular Download-to-Upload ratio, and that is hard to maintain.

I can't provide with the websites or softwares, you can simply google it.
Google with proper words, and I guarantee that thou shalt not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading. Do tell me if my posts are wise or wicked.
VB signing off..

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