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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tech Help - 'Things to keep in mind'


Hey People,
My next series of posts will be based on troubleshooting your PCs. However there are some rules and limits that I must maintain.

These are as follows:

01] Software will be mentioned whether freeware, shareware, or paid.

02] I use Microsoft Windows as my OS, and sometimes Linux. However I have not used any other OS like Mac, etc. So all my posts are roughly based on software pertaining to Windows. Many of the software are also available for other platforms like Mac, Linux, etc.

03] I have used all of these software, and they have worked properly for me, and that is the reason why I am suggesting the same for you guys.

04] I'll not provide you with the software, but I'll only be providing links to the official websites of these, so that you can get the real stuff, instead of the pirated, corrupt, faulty, and virus-containing software.

05] Some of the software are Payware. But MOST of the software are either Freeware, or Shareware. You DO NOT have to pay for any of these. These are available for download, free of cost. Do not download from those sites which require you to pay for free softwares. Always go to the official website of the product.

06] You can use some software, without paying or registering. Although you can use most features that way, and believe me, you can definitely do well without those features.

07] I cannot mention websites which provide full version software for free, or serial keys, or codes, or cracks, or keygens (because of legal and copyright issues)

08] If you are new to using these software, follow the instructions carefully, to avoid any mishap.

09] During installation, many software require you to install their toolbar in your browser - if you want to install it, then it's okay, but if not, be sure to tick out the proper options, to avoid installing the toolbar into your browser.

10] It is entirely upon you to download and use these softwares, and it'll only make your PC-experience easy.

Use these software properly, and for any doubts or queries you can refer to their official websites.
I hope you enjoy them.... Happy troubleshooting ;)

Do tell if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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