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Sunday, May 12, 2013

How safe are you #3


Now that every social and professional data has been acquired, why should your email accounts be spared?

Believe it or not, but they do hold a lot of information even if you don't think so. All those websites that you are a member of, all of those blogs that you follow, all of their passwords... personal pictures and photos that you may have emailed to your friends or received by you, etc. !

What is even scary is the fact that all of our bank account details are available in the email.
All of your secrets - account numbers, transactions, balance, and in some cases, even passwords. This in fact explains how much we are vulnerable.

Here... again! All of your friends data is available.

Many people even use their personal email accounts for work purposes which is like another nail in the coffin.

Some people who watch porn and have subscribed to such websites are most freaked out, as no one wants that data in any others hands.

Social networking, banking, email accounts, credit/debit cards, UID/SSN, all require a great deal of your attention.

Hell! Half of your blood pressure is high because of the delicate nature of the autonomous and hardware-software dependency today.

Machines handle your life. No no no... they CONTROL your life. You are mere puppets! Why puppets you ask? It's because many are addicted to such stuff. The first thing that you do when you on your P.C. or Laptop is to check how many likes you have received, any comments, how many notifications... etc. etc.
It is this addiction that people take advantage of.

Earlier MySpace was the source, then came Orkut, now theres Facebook and Google Plus. Every few years something new emerges from the dark underbelly of the worldwide phenomena called as the Internet. That thing is born out of fun purposes, and ends up being the instrument of mass data acquaintance. Data - both personal and professional... in short... your life!


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