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Monday, May 13, 2013

How safe are you #7


Imagine, you meet a person for the first time in your life, but this person knows very personal things about you. Your best friend’s name, your tattoos, your love live, your bank account number and yes, even your account balance.

Scary, huh? Must be a magician you may think.
Think twice! Any information you and your friends share about you online can possibly be accessed by others. Worst case, people will be able to get to know your whole life if you’re over-sharing.

This issue is displayed in the clever video “Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’”, published by the Belgium website The video has been created to draw attention to the risks of personal information shared online:

Dutch ‘psychic’ Dave gives free mind readings to several random people in Brussels, Belgium. The people are shocked to find out that Dave is extremely accurate and scared when he shares their banking information. After enough mind reading Dave reveals his secret to his magic.

Always keep in mind: Only publish information online you’re comfortable with for other people and companies to know. If you’re on Facebook, remember that you’re not only sharing information with your friends, but also with the apps you use and depending on your privacy settings, the information may also be available for further people and businesses. Your personal data can be very sensitive, make sure you are in control.


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