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Sunday, May 12, 2013

How safe are you #4



Now, just ask yourself:

'Where does all this data go?'
You are smart enough to now that it is stored at some server on the planet.

But, what you should be asking is - 'Who controls the data?' I have a belief, that such social networks are not run by organisations once they are famous. They are controlled by Governments and their agencies.
Now, what is the thing that Governments of the world strive for? Data but of course!

Imagine getting information about everyone and everything going on this planet, and that too by those people themselves. No need for proof reading as you fill up the correct data by yourself!

You are serving your entire life on a Golden platter! Not because you are compelled to do so, or you are told to, it is because of your own free will.

You do so while thinking 'Now I'm gonna be on a social network, it is so exciting... I'll provide the best details about myself, ask all my friends to join, I'll be famous, We'll stay in touch,...' and what not...

Almost millions are available on facebook, not to forget the ones who deleted their accounts.

In short - besides your DNA sample, everything else is easily available that can make another YOU!
Come to think of it, it is not that difficult to get the DNA also... A strand of hair would do the needful -

IF an evil super-villain were to clone you for his evil deeds! :D

Jokes apart... it is a matter of critical importance that you are doing what the governments of none of the countries on this planet do - Providing the correct information, details, and everything else. In fact it is you who is doing so.

If a countries' government asks you for provide your entire life to them, would you do so? One in their sane sense of mind would never do so! It's because we know that they cannot protect our lives!
But by being a part of these websites and playing by their rules, we are doing so unknowingly.


Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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