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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How safe are you #1


Ah! The modern day! The age where possibilities are endless.

Numerous benefits, easy lives, enormous resources, leisure and pleasure - all can be enjoyed together, and even valued!

Coming straight to the point - I don't know how many of you know this, but many months ago many Facebook users I.D., and passwords were leaked online by some hacker. FB and even Government agencies tried taking down the information but it was too late. It had been downloaded by thousands, and even put to use! Peoples accounts were hacked into - a shock for those who faced this! I was shocked when I saw the data the data that was leaked!

[I did not download or use that data in any manner whatsoever]
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That makes me question 'How safe are we today?'

Take social networking websites like Facebook, (the not so used) Orkut, Google +, MySpace, etc. for example -
They have all your data, who you are, your friends, your locations, your photos, videos, likes and dislikes, almost EVERYTHING! All that personal data of yours is entirely dependent on a single password.

'Dear Hackers, wanna mess up my life completely? Well, don't worry coz besides my I.P. that you have acquired by hacking into my account - I have also provided my phone number, my home address, my websites, and any other alternative email addresses of mine.'

Now suppose the details were downloaded by some pretty bad guys, they could literally know everything about you. Who you are, where and when you were born, who your friends are, where you live, where they live, what happened in your life and when, your conversations, your messages, where do you frequently go, your likes, hobbies, favourite movies, music and t.v. shows, etc. etc.
Besides this they also gain an idea as to what your mindset and thinking is - by simply going through your timeline or previous posts, and checking your comments and views about certain things.

Another thing to note is... that you are endangering all those people who dwell in your friends list, your emailing list and your contacts. Hacking into your I.D. is enough to get details on any of your friends and access to all of their data as well, just like the entire history that you had. Besides this, you also provide your phone numbers to these websites - so that is silly!


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