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Monday, May 13, 2013

How safe are you #6



How would feel it would be if someone stole your life, your identity, wiped your existence from the face of this planet?

What if instead your life was given to someone else and there is enough proof that that person is the real you? And that you were the duplicate?

Well, it does sound intriguing and I couldn't agree less with you that it all sounds like a movie. 
As weird as it may sound it is still the truth. I am talking about 'Identity Theft'

'Identity theft' is a common phenomena occuring in the world nowadays. You must have surely heard how some people that they are someone but there is absolutely no proof to show that. They say someone else is living their life, that no one believes them, that they don't exist in this world anymore - they are just nobodies!
Things like this have happened in the past.

Today, with the amount of data available online, I don't think how it could not be possible!

As I had earlier mentioned in my post named as - How safe are you?
All of your information, your entire life is easily available on the internet - right from the open to the personal information, photos, videos, everything!

You may ask: 'Why would someone do this?'
This would be as silly as asking 'Why do people steal?', 'Why do we need money?' or even 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Isn't it obvious, the main reason is money! [And in the Chickens case - to get to the other side]

If you steal someones identity, what was theirs till yesterday, is now yours! It's really that simple! Then, you could pose as the guy and easily swipe off that guys entire (hardly earned) savings - now that would be very harsh!

Well, it definitely does, but the fact remains that this cannot be denied. You are in a world where data travels even before the blink of an eye.

Have you never wondered how you are talking to your friend on the other side of the planet - that you did not receive his/her email on the phone or via skype and from there a mail is typed and sent, and you receive it the very next moment!

It really is astonishing. Compels you to think that how much the speed of data transmission has advanced. Where 1st world countries are moving at speeds of gigabytes per second and 3rd worlds still move at kilobytes per second, data reaches even at these lower speeds. Government and defense agencies must be using much much higher rates of data transmission.

The point of all this is only to explain how data can travel. How any of your information moves throughout the internet and how quickly a LOT of damage can be done.

In a world of secrecy, espionage, cyber crimes, and internet wars - it is also up to you to play your role not for others but for yourself.

Be safe! Practise safe Internet policies!


Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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