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Friday, May 10, 2013

How safe are you #2



It is easy to deduce that one could gain pretty much information about with whom you share your secrets, what you think about your friends, what are your view about things, how your college and school life was, your mentality, your secrets, your mistakes, your crush, your guilt, your habits, etc. and much much more by simply going through the messages section in your social networking account.

In other words, the hacker knows pretty much everything about you than you or anyone else did about yourself.

Also, you have your family active online, whose details can also be easily accessed as they are in your friends list, giving way to some very personal family photographs that beside your family no one knows.

With whom you chat the most, message the most, who knows the most about you... all these details are also easily identifiable once one gets through to the account.

Then there are those who provide their other sensitive data based on other websites. I'm talking about professional websites like 'linkdin' that hold your resumes - your workplace, it's details and emails, where you have worked as what, your salaries, qualifications, personal details, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, groups, what you follow, etc. etc.

You add them or link them on multiple levels - for eg. liking it on facebook adds to your existing account, details that you wanted to keep separate like - a different email i.d., contact numbers, and profiles for professional reasons.

And guess what! More friends over here - the professional ones, your colleagues of the past, present and future... Unlimited access to their profiles as well just because they are in your friends list.

Now that you are aware that all of your data is being stored, don't be foolish to rush over to your account and deleting stuff... it seriously does not help.

Here's why:-
You know about the photo - tag feature on social networks. Suppose you are aware of all that I mentioned and you don't want to appear in a photo, but there is nothing that you an do about it as they are allowed to tag you and your location, the event and the time. There is nothing you can do about it!

Whoa! You think you can? Are you saying you will go that pic and 'un-tag' yourself? That is lame!

Once the data has been entered, no matter if you delete it... it won't appear, but it will exist in the social networks servers. Even if you have un-tagged yourself, there is proof existing that you were once tagged in those pictures. Not only this, but who tagged you at what time from what location - as well as when you untagged yourself from what location.

Likewise, all those uploads, those comments that you edited or deleted, those likes you disliked, those locations you added or removed, links and videos that you shared etc. are all stored time to time.

Many times when one is spammed - you tend to remove it, block it or report it. While doing so, you are asked for reasons describing your action. So, there it is!

You are saying 'I am removing this post, on so and so date, so and so time, from so and so place for this particular reason'. Again a description of your likes...


Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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