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Monday, February 18, 2013

Why did the chicken cross the road? #8



"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Views and answers of some people amongst other Indian personalities.
Check 'em out below:

#Laloo: Because BJP on this side. And because somebody stole chicken fodder. This is scandal. He is looking that side for his fodder. I did not take it.

#Kalaam: I will ask u a counter question. Will u answer? Tell me! Tell me now!

#Ekta Kapoor: It's daughter in law lives on the other side. So she is going to make amends. Saas bhi kabhie bahu thi...

#Advani: It is an example of Muslim appeasement. The congress is on the other side tempting that muslim chicken with special favours.

#Buddhadeb Bhattacharya: Just because that chicken crossed the road the CPI(M) cadre cannot be blamed

#Maneka Gandhi: That chicken has been forced to cross unescorted. It is a violation of animal rights

#BCCI: We have issued a show cause notice. No chicken can cross without the board's permission

#Agarkar: I still hold the record for the maximum ducks in a row. One chicken does not make a difference

#Siddhu: If we don't prevent and prepare. We will repent and repair. That chicken is an example to us all. He is showing initiative! He maybe angry but he is not cross. He may cross but he is the boss. He....

#Arjun Singh: We must have reservation. Between 9 am to 5 pm only SC/ST and OBC chickens can cross

#Rakhi Sawant: I don't know but i did not kiss that chicken

#Karan Johar: He came to collect this lovely hamper. When people win it on my show. Kuch kuch hota hai.  Since its a chick you can't say I'm gay anymore...

#Mufti Mohammed Sayeed (Ex CM J&K): See there is no army presence on the other side.

#Mirwaiz Umar Farooq: He was simply protesting for an independent Kashmir. We have to give kashmiri chickens more freedom. Indian governments attitude has always been 'Ghar ke murghi dal barabar!'

#Pranab Mukherjee (when he was Foreign Minister): It shows the presence of a foreign hand. That chicken was a Pakistani infiltrator. There are training camps on the other side

#Rahul Gandhi: If that chicken was a Gandhi it would not have crossed.

#Sachin Tendulkar: 17 years I have sacrificed for this game. I have never been accused of having a bad attitude. I have never been accused of crossing with a chicken.

#Greg Chappell (Chappal): The seniors have formed a mafia and forced that chicken to cross.


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