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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know you are in My College when..... # Intro


Hey Guys, This time I'll be posting  about my College.

Yup, the place where I studied. I won't name it, because I do not want to. Why give publicity for free??? Also the fact holds true that it is not something worth publicising.

Well, for the years that I was there, I really felt that the world deserved to know about this Institution - its uniqueness and weirdness alike. I have tried to show its true colours, many facts, and what goes on behind the scenes. Some of you may feel like cursing, puking, or even experience nostalgia. But believe me, whatever I will be saying is True to each and every alphabet.

If you wanna verify, go figure...

This series is entirely dedicated to the poor souls who are studying there right now.... May you attain 'Peace'

Stay tuned for the next edition...
VB signing out...

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