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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know you are in My College when..... #6 [Gymkhana]

You know you are in My College [Gymkhana] when.....
  • You see the same Gym Instructor even after many years...
  • The Instructor is often addressed as 'Professor'.
  • The students have more Idea about the games than this instructor.
  • There is a separate gymkhana for boys and girls.
  • There is no Gymkhana for Girls.
  • Some students even have to bring their own Carrom-board coins to reminisce the great luxuries of the Gymkhana..
  • The person that you see running around the college, desperately asking students to participate in sports events - is the Gym Instructor.
  • All the Footballs and Volleyballs are either deflated or torn or in bad condition.
  • All the various cricket bats and balls, badminton rackets, carrom board coins, table-tennis balls, etc. are kept locked away in metal cupboards. These are more precious than the Kohinoor Diamond.
  • These items are willfully given to the peons and the lab assistants for playing.
  • Even if you beg, you will not be allowed to use them.
  • If you are a student, forget it buddy, you have to be reborn as these guys if you want to play with these items.
  • None of the students have ever been able to even catch a glimpse of these 'ARTIFACTS'...
  • The Gymkhana looks as if a store room has been emptied to make way for it.
  • Do Not expect a great deal out of this Gymkhana; the walls are dry with a paint wash, and centuries old torn posters of  a young Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar as a kid, and other legends whom you knew as a kid.
  • Do Not expect to achieve something like the likes of Leander Paes, or Saina Nehwal, or Jwala Gutta, or Abhinav Bindra, or Vijendra Singh, or for sports sake - any other sportsperson. If these are your role models, you'd better change the college, no point in coming here.
  • The only events you'll win are on 'The Sports Day' [Since it is for 2 days, why not call it Sports Days?... hmmm... I often wonder...]
  • If you do not attend the Sports "Day", you have to compulsorily attend college, or else - Bring your Parents to meet the Princi.
  • However, the Volleyball team is pretty good, and it is the only thing that keeps sports in the college on high.
  • What? You wanna go play at the Intercollegiate level for your college? You'd better win... Or else... No Attendance.. [Jaw dropped....]
  • Neither there is a Coach, nor there is a Trainer, nor a Physio. All the Qualities and abilities are hardcore embedded into one person...... You guessed it right..... the Gym Instructor...

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