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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know you are in My College when..... #5 [Canteen]


You know you are in My College [Canteen] when.....
  • You are clearly facing the Staff-Room which is exactly opposite the Canteen.
  • There is a separate section for boys n girls.
  • A Cam is seen over your head here as well. 
  • No SOFT DRINKS or Carbonated drinks. You won't find Mirinda, Fanta, let alone Pepsi, and Coke. 
  • All you can lay your hands on are Appy, Frooti, and Amul Kool.
  • The Princi's and the professors orders [who can eat anytime of the day] are more important to the caterer, than the Students orders [who have a short break].
  • Some students prefer to eat in the eatery outside the college, rather than the canteen.. However things may have changed today.
  • The theory of having an open kitchen for the canteen doesn't go down all too well for me.
  • Just like the Librarian, a different caterer is seen every year..
  • The Canteen is eco-friendly as crows, mynas, sparrows, and pigeons constantly visit your food, after you are done eating, or even while you are eating. Sometimes, they do dirty the premises as well...

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