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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know you are in My College when..... #4 [ID-Card]


You know you are in My College when.....

Your College ID-Card is Confiscated if:
  • Boys and girls are sitting on one single bench.
  • Even if they are sitting close to one another. 
  • Even if they are holding hands.
  • A boy and girl are seen together, no matter what they were doing.
  • You are wearing Low-waist or stylist Jeans, Sleeveless tops, Skirts, Skin tight clothes, and Short t-shirts.
  • You are donning a new hairstyle
  • You are wearing fashionable accessories like Caps, Hats, Goggles, Fancy eyewear, Rings, Chains, etc.
  • Your hair is styled, coloured or dyed.
  • If you remove your mobile phone from your pocket.. [let alone talking]..
  • You are seen carrying a camera in the college, and worse, if you are seen clicking photos with it. YOU NEED PERMISSION for that.
  • You argue with Princi's Little Helpers.
  • You are seen sitting on the bench-desks or even leaning against them.

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1 comment:

  1. d 'dress code' thing is 222222 annoying!!!
    bt more annoying are the vb s..d watch dogs!!!!