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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You know you are in My College when..... #1

You know you are in My College when.....
  • The College Gatekeeper asks you for your ID Card
  • When he even asks some of the professors for their ID Cards.
  • There is a CCTV Cam at the College-gate and the college-entrance, and later on almost everywhere..
  • The only place that you won't find a Cam is............ Brace yourself............ the 'Loo'
  • You remember watching " Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", and that particular scene where Hogwarts is shown like an Impenetrable fort.
  • Very very very few students know the actual name of the college.
  • In the Trophy shelf, you find only the rotating trophies of the college, and no Inter-collegiate or University trophies.
  • The Complaint Box is placed near the Principals Office.
  • You are always, time and again reminded of '3 Idiots' - 'Imperial College of Engineering'
  • The Projector room is used for the enlightenment of school kids, to make their minds sharper than a small blade, rather than for the College Students who just have to wait for days to get an Hour of that room - who cares about them anyway? The School Kids are more Important..
  • In the name of Annual Day, you are compulsorily made to sit for 3 hours to watch the college students dance, and hear the college appraise itself. A couple of minutes are spent appraising the merit rankers, and winners of various events.
  • Almost every week, you find something broken in the Loo.
  • You feel detained for a crime that you did not commit.
  • Boys and girls cannot sit on a single bench - if seen, either you are warned - OR - directly relieved of your ID-card.
  • There are so many girls, that you feel that - Men are Going EXTINCT on this planet.

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