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Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh those daily soaps #4 [Oh man, I'm tired]


No words can fathom the limits of these so-called daily soaps. Words are not enough to describe them.

In my earlier posts I have given various tips, but in this post I want to discuss something that depends on most peoples daily lives.


Weave a story revolving around small girls, or make them best friends, and say that it is for the welfare of women, aur uski aad me wohi karo jo baaki sab karte hain.... the same old...continue with the sheer nonsense..

Turn your characters Rajasthani, saying 'Maa-sa, Bapu-sa, Aisa, Waisa..etc...' That is the latest trend around these days. Also use the only song that serial people know about - "Kesariya Baalam... padhaaro ni mhaare des". Even if there is a sad situation, or happy situation, if someone is coming, or going away, you can use it almost any and everywhere...

Hold "PARIVAAR" awards for them, make shows for them, call them "celebs", right till a point where their veins are overflowing with EGO, and they consider themselves greater than anyone on the entire planet...

Each and every reality, dancing, singing, comedy, and almost every other possible show should be filled with lots of these guys.

The more I say, the less it is. I can go on and on and on about this, but you get the point... It is "Bull$*it". I don't want to drive myself insane like that Ekkkkkta-mata. Say, doesn't she just look like Sanjay Dutt from that movie 'Vaastav'? :)

However, if you succeed at implementing and incorporating these points in your shows, then it is a guaranteed HIT....

Great, now I need  to see a psychiatrist, coz my head is gonna explode due to all this insane crap that I have been writing about.. Excuse me for the inexcusable language used in some places, but that is just the way I feel.

Reviews and comments are most welcome. Critics can keep their thoughts to themselves.
Don't debate on these topics, coz I will win anyway.... ;D

Do tell me if my posts are "Wise or Wicked"....
VB signing out.......

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