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Friday, September 3, 2010

"Ye Olde Times"


Ye Olde Times [The Old Times]
Vol #1

I really don't know how fast I grew up from the time being a kid just playing outside to being a graduate. It all seems like a long and yet, one pretty short journey. How long has it been? When did I grow up? It is just for us to see, how time flies... From that innocent childhood right until this moment, the journey has been indeed a remarkable one. There are millions of things that we have stored in our memories, that we don't wanna lose EVER! Our school days, our fights, our mistakes, our lies, silly moments and cries, and what not. All we can do is look back in time and just smile at all those things, maybe giggle and talk about it.

Many say that school days were the best, some say college days were the best... but, I beg to differ... I say that, my childhood days were the best.

Nothing to worry about, no school to go to, no homework, no tension, no pressures, and no problems. Mom n Dad would feed us, we didn't have to go to the bathroom to poop. We could  'Jus do it'  in our diapers and giggle about it, and cherish those lovely expressions of parents.. We could hit, bite, scratch, nibble, and shout at anyone we wanted, and no one would say a thing.

If we did anything wrong, our parents would scold us first, then - we'd start crying, screaming, and yelling right on top of our voices. [ Just to show them 'Who's the boss' :) ]
Just so that they would apologize and kiss us, to make us happy again, and if we were lucky, we would get chocolates or toys.. oh! and remember how they would hit the ground saying "bad ground" and scold it just to make you smile, when you fell on the ground?.
We could ride our parents and relatives backs [Although it is possible even today, I would strongly advice you against doing so - but if you are really desperate, call an ambulance first, and pray...]

Run around the house, say anything to anyone, and they would just simply like it and adore us by saying, "Awwwww.. cho chweet.." and "Sooo cute".

No responsibilities of any sorts, plenty of sweets and chocolates, games like - pakada pakadi, Lukka chuppi, dabba eyes spies, stop and party, etc. etc.
Johnson n Johnson were more like a part of us, [that is why all the kids smell the same].
Cerelac and later Bournvita, Boost, Maltova, and Milo were our sole sources of nutrients.
Having glucose water, and rose water was just simply soothing - it was more like a drug for us..

Yeah, but it was also a very harsh time when we would go off the limits, that we would get pretty strong scoldings, and beatings. Some would even get spanked. That is one thing we don't wanna remember and let happen to us today.. IMAGINE.. your parents spanking you at this age... yeah! I know, it is hilarious... and people, don't give me those looks :o , you know I am telling the truth.Everyone has had their share of beatings in their childhood, and many are still getting them.. [It looks like they have got a lifetime connection, or an extended EMI scheme, or they are simple getting it all in daily or monthly installments.]

But, one thing we never realized is that we are the luckiest ones to have had all of these facilities and spoilers, we lived life King-size. But, there are are many people out there who never had these facilities, either they did not have any money, or even a house, or even food to eat, or maybe the worse - no parents. Many grew up in orphanages, or by living off begging. They never had one time food to eat, let alone chocolates, cerelac, and boost. Where we would get vaccines, medicines, doses, they were simply born on the streets without any of these amenities. Today many of us have lived and survived, while many of these unfortunate ones have succumbed and perished. Where many have studied and succeeded, they have moved to a poorer way of life.

Probably you know this, probably you don't.

No! I am not saying that we should be sad for them, or sad for us, or anything as such. We all know that it is the duty of a human being to help his fellow human being, I need not spell it out to you. There are many who help them directly or indirectly, while some help even if they have their problems. Lot of people can hardly suffice their family, and are not able to lend a helping hand to these people due to their own sets of problems - many people fall into this category..

I am just saying that be thankful to the almighty, [In case you are skeptic, consider yourself the Luckiest], to have led this life...

There! I did it again, [Hey, sounds just like 'oops! I did it again'].

I know, I know, I have this certain tendency to skid away a bit from the topic at hand, but, never mind... I know that you people understand.. you get the point..

Many people tell me:
"It is silly to remember the childhood days",
"You still haven't grown up"
"Don't you have anything else to say?"

                But, what can I do. Like Bryan Adams said:
                                                 "Those were the best days of my life..."

There is nothing like a good old memory to share with, it still makes me realize that I am human.
I really loved growing-up, or should I just say being brought-up by my parents.

I think that just like any movie, the credits for our lives are all that matter in the end - the credits for the people who made us what we are today.. The credits for our lives go to our parents whether we realize it or not.

I am nevertheless a fan of the song "Dil toh Bachcha hai ji..." :)
But I also like this particular saying which I found on the Internet, which says,
      "We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public"
... so true, isn't it?

Everyone has had their shares of different experiences, I talk only about mine, and the ones that I witnessed. You can drop in your experiences and views. Thanks for viewing...

Do tell me if my posts are "Wise or Wicked"...
VB signing off...

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