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Friday, September 3, 2010



Ah! Another one the most sought after topics that almost everyone is happy or worried about.

It may just not be what you think it is...

Have you ever had a dream, a rich, enhancing, beautiful, illustrated, where everything is great, everyone is happy, everything happens the way you want it to happen? It seems uncanny doesn't it? Why? Because all humans dream the same way... We all see and experience what we want in our dreams - something peaceful, pleasant, alluring, bliss, fun and happy. But we also experience horror, fantasy, deaths, nightmares, illusions, unpleasant things, freaky creatures and what not..

I dream a lot, and I am also a regular customer of Nightmares. I tried to research, I read many books and articles, tried to find answers, and the one that I liked the most was - all of our after sleep experiences are a result of our stress, tension, problems, and experiences, and ALSO due to unusually high activity of the brain during our sleep. This is all what the experts had to say. I don't know if they are right, and neither do I know how much of it is worth believing. No matter how much I try, I find the answers incomplete.

I used to get nightmares where, everything begins with a beautiful scenery and a landscape. All is well, and all of a sudden it all turns eerie and then into CHAOS! Everything starts spinning out of control. I know it is my dream and that I can make it work however I want to, but as I said, it just doesn't seem to work. Either I am dying, or being chased, or attacked, or frightened. I don't know, all of it is just so confusing. I see things that are freakishly weird, dark, sometimes Gothic, creepy, I don't understand what they are. So, I try to get rid of them by trying to apply some humor to it, though I am scared to bits. I bring in ghost-busters, Wile E. Coyote, Sam and Dean [Supernatural] and what not. But again, nothing works. Sometimes it all just feels so real, that I might get trapped in here forever, I just might never escape these places. I try to scream harder and harder, I try to crack my voice open, I really want to yell on top of my voice, but I am choked, I can hardly squeal...

Then??? Well, isn't it obvious? I seem to wake up somehow from all this, right into a world which I am confused to realize that - Is this even real or am I still dreaming? It takes me a few breaths, and a brief while to realize that,

"Hey! It was just a dream...."


When I saw 'Inception'[Yes, the movie], I really couldn't believe my eyes, it all just seemed to be so familiar and similar to my dreams. It kept me glued to my seat... due to these reasons, well many others may have felt the same way as well. It was amazing indeed.

Getting back to the topic, sometimes I see things in the dream, and when I wake up, I don't seem to recollect any of it. But, sometimes later, on normal days, even after months and days have passed by, I experience things that make me wanna go "DEJA VU..."
          COME ONNNNN, don't deny it, everyone has experienced Deja vu, haven't you? [In case you are wondering what 'deja vu' is? I am not talking about the movie. Search the web to find the meaning]

But the point is, never fail to take things seriously, if things get intense, you might be having some serious problems. Don't get too protective and vigilant about your dreams, about ninety eight percent of it may be sheer nonsense.. Be sure, that you are not a victim of sleep disorders, sleep walking, or other such problems. Talk to your parents about such things first, then BRAG ABOUT IT to your friends.

If they don't take you seriously they might just reply by saying the following:
1] Told you not to watch 'Grudge'

2] Abey, kya sapne mein darta hai tu?

3] Dude, get a life...

4] Kaunse movie ka script hai ye?

5] Freakin cool..

6] Who the f*$k is 'Night-Mare'?

7] Kaunsa wala dream?? hmmmmmm..???

8] Ha ha ha, dude your jokes are the best..

9] You are sick...

I know things do get a bit out of hand, but that's the way, things work..
So, sleep tight, good night,
Take care, just go to sleep,
And please don't forget to dream...

Wake up, the next morning, and do to tell me if my post are "Wise or Wicked"..

Do tell me if you have had any nightmares, or describe them if you remember any of it.
VB signing off...

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