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Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh those daily soaps #3


Back to these soaps...

Here's the second list of some really helpful Tips for you..

#01: Every lead Bahu should have at least a Gun in her possession, which she can later use to murder someone, mostly her son, so that she can go to jail..... and yet again, cry about it.
[Tab kahan jaate hai uske sanskar, parampara, maryada, adarsh, usool....?]

#02: If the TRP starts to fall, take a giant leap in time, and warp ahead in time 20 years ahead. Their technology is even better than that of star-trek. Astronauts can't travel at the speed of light.. but these guys... amazing....
        Never let the old people to look older, give people Grey hair, grow up the children - make one an ideal and sincere boy, and the other one a complete gunda.. anyway both of them will join the family business later on..

#03: The Bahu meets an accident, and the family cremates someone Else's body thinking that it is hers. They don't even bother about confirming the identity of the person. Then, they bring in another character who is a look alike of the Bahu, and replace the bahu with her, following an evil scheme. Everyone has a duplicate in serials nowadays...

#04: Meanwhile, the original Bahu is found out by a doctor, who gives her a free plastic surgery [as if uske baap ka paisa hai], and she comes home to see herself replaced. Chaos takes place, and nonsense pursues..

#05:  If again TRP falls, make the family poor, by showing loss in business, ya dhokebaazi by one of the members. They are very poor, as they have a 1000 square foot house ONLY to live in, a few hours supply of water, and get only two meals during the day. Everyone has to work in garages ???? Don't they have those bloody degrees, weren't they the managers and CEO's of the company? Can't they get better jobs?
But Hey, they want TRPs, remember?

#06: Change the heroes everyday and hold karwa chauth ka wrat, godbharai ki rasam, this, and that, within almost a few days. Also rain should fall down anytime of the year along with a lot of thunder.

#07: Get rotten and spoilt cameras which get stuck and zoom-n-stop on every characters face in every few seconds. This way there won't be a need for shelling out extra money for editing and showing the closeups of their faces again, and again, and again..

#08: Also give lots of sound effects - like cats, thunder, chant mantras, get a few singers to sing a few lines such as "Dhira ghita dheem tana...", "Taa didha gitta...." and keep these tracks on high volumes, and loop them. Repeat them until you can bear it no more, and are about to rip out your ears.

#09: The bahu should be clad in heavy sarees, tonnes of jewelery, kilos' of sindoor in their maang, payal and ghungroo in their feet are a must.
They should be ready even during midnight.

#10: The police never reach on time when the villain has to be caught, and reach only when that idiot lead character is at the crime scene....

Hope y'all are enjoying these articles... Up next the final addition to this series...

Do tell me if my posts are "Wise or Wicked"....
VB signing out.......

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