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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bollywood and Justice #1


The Indian Film Industry, or as others call it 'Bollywood' in one of the biggest film industries in the world.

Comprised of Movie stars, directors, producers, musicians; uniting various genres of unique movies; home to the most melodious tunes and singers; and last but not the least the fans and their following that keeps this industry well and alive, thriving purely on the support of its fans.

Like normal people, these actors and actresses are humans only. They also have their ups and downs, joy and sadness, and everything any normal person has in life. Many of them have struggled pretty hard to reach where they are today without any support of any kind and without any godfathers. Some were just lucky to be born with silver spoons, or to famed parents. This industry provides some of the most highly paid jobs.

People worship superstars in India because they think of them as idols, as great personalities, as an inspiration... as Hope! Down in South India, Statues and Temples of these Superstars are made, and they are worshipped as Dieties!

All this love and respect goes down the drain when we realise that some of these people are the dirtiest, selfish and corrupt things. This all comes to light owing to the media and the active journalism today. It is not their popularity, that makes me say all this, but rather their attitude towards life, and mistreating others, moreover they have absolutely no shame whatsoever, and do not value life at all...


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