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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bollywood and Justice #2



The first one that I want to talk about is of an actor who was proven to provide arms and ammunitions, and storing them at his home during the riots many years ago. I think he is solely responsible for the deaths and losses of thousands of people. But - as the Indian Judicial system works, he was never sentenced to any punishment even after constant delivery of proofs of his involvement. Maybe because his parent was a  politician and he saved him, maybe he had bribed people, who knows?
Instead of being penalised and punished, this guy enjoyed his life, never had to worry about anything, and earned millions. He joined politics as well, and also did charity work. Maybe he did all this to wipe out his terrorist image from the minds of people. But, eventually after so many years, it was a relief to see him behind bars.
Still, it was shameful for every Indian, when he demanded of daily cooked home food, a television, an electronic cigarette, and daily gymnasium practise!

'Are you bloody kidding me?'

What was even more pathetic was when some politicians asked the court of law to forgive him, simply because he had acted as a 'bhai', and also promoted the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi in it's sequel! Unbelievable!

Maybe in the near future, we will have terrorists, rapists, murderers and mafia writing books and making movies about India, love and peace - and perhaps have them pardon by the court as well!

The odds are, he will probably get out of jail in a few months or probably the latest by a couple of years...


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