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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bollywood and Justice #4



This star who I'm going to talk about, is the son of a royal family, born to famous personalities. He was evidently caught in the hunting of wild deer in India, but as we can all expect from the Law, he and his friends walked off freely. In India hunting is illegal, and there is severe punishment and penalty for those caught in the act. But it does not say what to do if that person is a film star!

Rightly so, the case is still running in the court, whereas this guys goes on acting and now even producing movies, even though he cannot act! And he even gets married in huge fanfare manner.

Maybe animals do not have a right to live.

A line should be included in the constitution of India:-
'If you are an animal, do not expect any sort of justice from our part!
Just die miserably for the sheer purpose of our entertainment and we will thoroughly enjoy making a joke out of the trials of your massacres, through our corrupt politicians and judicial systems!'

How can we even forget the casting couch issue that sprung up when a media company did a sting operation and uncovered the true face of the  glamorous media world?

Call girls? Adultery? Night stands? What not surfaced after this... The fashion industry was completely opened up by the media, showing its true and shameful colours. Who knows how many innocent lives have been destroyed, how many families have been devastated, and how many talented and deserving actors/actresses shed their clothes and souls... And all this for what?

This one actor though did get punished for molesting his maid, and is serving his sentence in the jail.
Although at first, it looked as the guy was framed, but it ended up as an altogether case.

Still, a case was filed, and a court battle pursued with the actor's wife supporting him, and saying that he was innocent. She also said that the maid was falsely accusing her husband.
These news is pretty shameful for any and every Indian.

Still, there is no stopping all this. Why you ask?
Simply because it involves some very powerful people - highly paid models and actors, businessmen, corporates, but, most of all - the politicians. All this is still happening behind the curtains...


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