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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bollywood and Justice #5




These are only actors, they are humans just like us. They are not anything special.
It is due to a bunch of such non-caring, self indulging individuals, that the whole industry is suffering a distance from the general public. Everyone lives movies, but no one wants to be a part of it, lest they become like one of these...

The thing is, that most of you are a thousand times better than these guys. At least you have a conscience. It is really sad when an acts like these go unpunished! There is absolutely nothing that can be done to incarcerate these culprits.

There is very little that any individual can do to stand up against these creatures. Little... because they have power, money, a panel of lawyers, layers of security, and some corrupt officials and politicians at their disposal.

The thing here is, that if there was anyone common man in his place, he would have been tortured, subjected to police remand, insulted nationally, and provided a quick sentence - perhaps death, without even giving a second thought that he might have been innocent. If he had any problems with any of these guys, maybe they would have only hastened the process.

It is also a disgrace to hear people commenting about  how charges against these guys should be dropped. Maybe if some of their loved ones would have suffered a fate like that of the victims, I wonder what action would they have demanded!

Many cops treat them as celebrities! Imagine that! All of their desires are fulfilled.
Why? They are criminals, behave with them accordingly!
The worst part is the help these guys get from the politicians and the political parties! On what grounds should they be pardoned? Why should they be released and not punished? Is life really that cheap?
If only someone was man enough to accept his mistake and accept his punishment and be an ideal to the society! 

And I used to believe in the system of this country! Sigh....

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