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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bollywood and Justice #3



This guy in the middle of the night drove his vehicle over some poor people sleeping on the foothpath. He was apprehended, there were eyewitnesses, evidences, and even confessions by some. Enough proof to lock someone away for a lifetime. But did this happen? NO!

He is a superstar! His case has been running in the courts till date, and there has been absolutely no progress on the decision. There are only dates that are given during every trial, out of which, this guy doesn't even attend any! His movies earn millions, and the film fraternity wants to earn through him, so they support him. It simply does not matter if he is a good human being, but a crime is a crime... Yet, he is out there making movies, earning, and living his life, while the relatives of those poor people still await justice...

It has been said that he is covering up for someone else. But, whatever maybe the case, if he has confessed, and there is enough evidence, then what are you waiting for? I'd say it is all about the money - buy everyone out, and you can continue to enjoy your life.


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