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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Are we alone in this universe? #5



I however on the other hand have quite a few many questions:
  • Is our planet the last in the entire universe still supporting life?
  • Maybe everyone else in the universe is dead and that is why no one has approached us yet!
  • Are we a part of the aliens genes?
  • Are we clones of aliens, who arrived on this planet centuries ago?
  • Are we descendants of Aliens?
  • Can it be that we, like Superman, are the last species of a planet rocketed into space before the planet was destroyed, who crash landed on earth and inhabited it?
  • Were we the ones that killed the dinosaurs?
  • Were the dinosaurs the real life forms that evolved on this planet, and are we the aliens? Is it why we are prone to sickness and misery, because we inhabit someplace which is not ours?
  • Were we a part of an Alien experiment carried out by the aliens in their efforts to create perfect life? (As shown in the movie 'Prometheus') And maybe we are nothing but a failed experiment as we are easily prone to diseases, disabilities, mortality, etc, and that is why the aliens never returned for us?
  • Are all non living things on this planet actually living, and we are the non living?
  • What about the animals, trees, reptiles, fishes, birds, microbes, etc.? How did they come into existence if life was brought about by aliens?
  • If life is a simple case of the process of evolution, why did we not evolve into something far more superior with qualities like living underwater or camouflage naturally? Well, the insects and birds do it, don't they? They aren't any smarter than human beings, how come they have evolved and adapted for survival? Something that beings with centuries of experience and intellect could never do?
  • Are we all a part of an atom? Imagine how the solar system is - just like an atom! So, are we all a part of planet which is just an electron, and the sun as nucleus, and everything comprises to form an atom? Is our universe just a temporary birth, which is ending? Maybe because we are very tiny, so we cannot see the big picture, and the time thus moves very slowly for us...
  • Are we all in a dream state, brought upon by the governments of this world, ad whenever we question about the existence of life in space, we are shown videos and photos of astronauts in space proving that there is no life indeed?
  • What if all of our ancestors were aliens, and they created different religions to prevent us from questioning our existence? All this was a part of a setup?
  • Can it also be that, people seeking refuge on another planet after planet got destroyed, found the recently dinosaur cleaned earth, and landed?
  • Maybe the aliens are afraid of us, as we may be something that they depict on their planets as ugly and murderous aliens!

Well, maybe we are the last living beings in this universe.Aren't we?
Any aliens or Extra Terrestrials objecting to these theories?

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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