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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are we alone in this universe? #2



Researchers believe that there is life out there, but are unable to prove anything.
I believe in their  theories, and even I for some matter agree up to some point that life may exist somewhere else in the universe as well. But it is only a possibility, it may or may not exist, we can never be sure.

Put into simple words, it is just like 'Schroedinger's Cat'

For centuries, a war has raged amongst scholars about the existence of life on earth, some said it was God, some said it was a scientific process. Of course there were also some idiots in history, who said otherwise, were proven to be wrong, and humiliated beyond oblivion. Also, there were many who were right and even then they were punished!

Nevertheless, putting this topic aside, it has been proven scientifically that the solar system formed as a result of the big bang, and after millions of years of adjustments and chemical imbalances and reactions, and atmosphere formation, life came into being.

Even then, there were people who disagreed and said that it was aliens who brought about life on this planet. Termed as 'Panspermia Theory', it says that life came from another planet.

Although it may be possible, it seems pretty irrelevant to me, that any life could simply survive the freeze of the space while hibernating inside and asteroid which crashes on this planet in a huge impact, and the life forms reactivate and progress towards providing life to a lifeless planet. I think of it as impossible for any being to survive space, but that is maybe because off what I have learned in my life. Maybe what we study is nothing compared to the knowledge of the universe. It is only when we will find proof of any such thing will we start believing in them.


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