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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Are we alone in this universe? #4



Despite the process of evolution being explained by various scientific metods, it is still not very accurate, and also it has many non believers...

Many artists, creators, authors, scientists and movie makers, amongst the others have described what aliens might look like.

But, what if aliens were nothing but only humans?
  • What if other life exists on other planets, and is nothing but human, and are progressing exactly at our speeds, just starting off with space technology? 
  • What if there are no other beings in this universe other than those found on Earth? They are the same everywhere, like a planet full of Guinea pigs, or a planet full of only aquatic life?  Or something as simple as other Earths?
  • What if, the other beings had been to Earth eons ago in the hope of finding life, and found nothing but a deserted planet and went away?
  • What if we are the first of our kind in this universe? The first beings? Maybe it is up to us, to spread life throughout the universe? Maybe that is why most of us are smart? :D
Space satellites are still on the run, and traveling farthest beyond the stars, towards the vast unknown, to explore. Maybe someday, in our search for life on other planets, we may find something that might simply astonish us, or shock us beyond our wildest imagination!

Maybe we'll find a Cybertron populated by Autobots and Decepticons! :D

Religious texts speak something else. We cannot deny them because these are records of our existence, of our being in the universe. All the religious texts say the same thing - that life was a gift of the heavens, God created us in his image. And I believe that!

It is human nature to have evidence of everything, which these texts cannot provide, as they are centuries old. I'm not trying to prove anything here, or to convert an atheist into a believer. IT is a fact, there is something that has created us - for us, it is out parents. Many don't believe in Godly figures, but they should believe in what created them, in a creator.

However, in the future, if people say and it is proven that something else created life, then that thing or that being will be the God, our Creator.

Till then I cannot believe in it! I still do pray!


Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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