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Friday, July 12, 2013

Are we alone in this universe? #3



If life exists, and you do not believe that life was a gift from the Gods, or it was a natural phenomena, or that it was all a chemical reaction, or even Panspermia, then what to you believe is the basis of origin of life?

Well, for some people, "Aliens"(I'm not humiliating, I'm simply emphasizing the word), brought life to this planet. Earth was never meant to sustain life, but these guys did everything to bring life to earth.

There is no reason why I should not believe in the theory, the possibilities are endless, but even if this was the case, what was their mission?
  • Abandoning a few lifeforms on this lonely planet and then simply taking off? 
  • Why did they never return? 
  • If they have created us, they are probably much better than us, and can simply return to claim us! 
  • There is no reason why they should be afraid of us. 
  • If we can build Atom bombs, they can obviously build better weapons if they can easily make freakin' spaceships that travel in light years!
Maybe they were junkies...
Coming to our topic, life has been observed in space debris like asteroids and comets, and chances are they are remains of other planets, of which we do not know about. But, it has also been observed that many microbes were similar to the ones found on Earth.
It is also really hard to believe this stuff.

  • After the big bang, when the moon separated from the Earth, a good chunk of the planet was taken from earth, making it unevenly round. The debris that did not form either earth or Moon, is the space debris. 
  • Also, all the planets/space bodies in the universe are under constant attack from meteor showers, asteroids and space debris. Maybe, when some asteroids must have collided with earth, the debris must have flown into space, and thus explains the theory.
  • Maybe the samples were contaminated.
An artists rendition of the Earth and Moon separating
 Ever since there have been speculations about life on Mars, Panspermia theorists have even said that life may have come to Earth from Mars, when an asteroid collided with Mars, chunks of huge rocks came off the planet, and landed on earth while somehow sustaining life... that life flourished on earth, and life came into being.

Well, if these are the cases, then absolutely no reason not to believe what I am saying, which is:

         Life existed a long time ago on other planets, after the 'Big bang', but soon onwards, the planets started to move away from the sun to fall into orbits, and the farther the planet went, the colder and unstable it became. Thus, whenever there were cosmical collisions, life simply jumped planets, and the last one was Mars, and the latest being Earth. But after Earth, it is impossible for life to jump into other planets, as Mercury and Venus are moving closer to the sun, getting hotter.

Also, looking at the atmospheric conditions and the research data that has been acquired over years of research, it seems that it is difficult for such planets or their satellites to sustain life. However Mars, Jupiter, and Jupiter's moon Titan may have intrigued and interested us since the beginning, it is just soon for me to conclude anything.

We cannot rule out extremophiles - micro-organisms that can survive even the most harsh conditions imaginale. So, they might have been surviving on either planets for quite sometime now... who knows!

We have just started with the space age, and we are progressing in every blink of an eye. Maybe it won't be long before we find the answers to our questions...


Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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