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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are we alone in this universe? #1


Well, the most common question that anyone ever asks, the one that you, me and everyone else must have asked themselves... and others obviously - most noticeably to the government and to the scientists.

'Are we alone in this universe?'

Earlier no one probably knew about the universe, let alone the universe itself. It is only in the past few decades that we have been able to understand space, and everything else that it holds.
So far, the sole data available is with regards to our planet - Earth - where life is plentiful.

People have always wondered about other people living amongst the stars, and have named them 'Extra Terrestrials'. These E.T.'s have been a part of science fiction since a long time, and have appeared in massive proportions in the entertainment industry. Earlier people would not have believed if you told them about aliens - you would have been termed as a crackhead and thrown in the gallows or perhaps beheaded.

It has come to light that the universe is infinite, and that the are are innumerable planets and galaxies scattered throughout the vast emptiness of space. Our solar system comprises of a Giant star, 8 planets, 19 round satellites, many minor planets, dwarf planets, comets, etc.

And out of all of these there is at least one planet of ours that has life. As research continues, there have been speculations about life being on other planets as well. Ice on the Moon, river like water trails and ice caps on Mars, are possible proofs that life may have existed on other planets as well. Even the identification of dead life forms found in asteroids is answer enough to our questions, but is that proof enough?


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