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Monday, January 27, 2014

I love my India


Great Nations are built on the foundation of lot of hardships and the blood of our forefathers.

Indians are very well aware of their freedom and how it was earned. A sheer display of courage and pride for their country which was attempted to be choked by the invaders. Leaders and individuals alike fought  for their motherland in a struggle that lasted for years.

History experienced heroes, rebels, fighters and legends, who inspired souls with their determination, love for their country, their quest for peace, and above all the hope to bring a country to it's free state - free from slavery.

All this sacrifice and tolerance not for themselves, not for their families, but all for the sake of their countrymen, their country. This was no selfish deed, it was the calling of the true human spirit!

Years have passed since that time, 66 years! These years, the country witnessed enormous changes, right form the freedom of the country to the partition of Hindustan to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; the wars and the fights that followed these partitions; the formation of the constitution of India; world recognition; advancement in science and technology; mastery in all fields of sports and games.....

But, above all, the best change would be the impression as an Indian, an individual of the country on the world map - which was the most magnificent.

Reading about history is one thing and living it is a pride in itself. I may not have witnessed freedom, but I am very proud to be an Indian, to be have born and brought in a country which is literally a genetic pool of individuals of various multiple innumerable religions, ethnicities, languages and cultures from various times, having their own individual history, Gods, prophets and dieties - which all merge together to give my country it's beauty!

God knows in how many languages are the newspapers, magazines, television shows, etc. printed or created on a daily basis in a country where thousands of languages are spoken, and is home to the 2rd largest population, 3rd largest armed forces, nuclear capability, space exploration ability, genetics research, etc.

Every other doctor or scientist in any other country is an Indian. Every other Owner or CEO of a company is and Indian. Indians are even amongst the richest people in the world. Home to nobel winners, reknowned scientists, knights, laureates, writers and poets. India - a country with cultures and traditions older than those anywhere else in the world, with religious texts older than even before the origin of most of the cultures and the countries.

Indian food and wildlife deserve a special mention - as they are the most beloved around the world! Indian food is perhaps the most cherished globally!
Within a short span of 66 years India has surely come a long way and is at par with the the leading countries of the world which have developed for centuries, and in most cases perhaps even better than them.

I can only say, the words for appreciating and thanking my country may end, I'm afraid they would not be enough at all to describe what it has done for all of us!

I just had this sudden urge to thank my country. Maybe this isn't even near to what I feel, and may even be quite abrupt, but I just had to put this down...

I <3 india="" my="">

It also reminds me of this:

Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate your inputs in the comments section below...

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