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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quality & Production


This image "briefly" describes the relation between the Quality Department and the Production Department!

In each and every organization or company, there is a thin red line between the Production dept. and the Quality dept. As we all are aware, Quality is the prime of any product these days, and if a company fails in this, and there is any mishap due to it, there arise great problems. So, every company tries to keep their products in check and give priority to the Quality.

But, there is also the other side of production of materials that has to happen. If there is no production, there will be no materials going to the market, and thus the company will incur losses, sometimes massive amounts. If there is no material in the market, the customer will simply go for another brand, and you stand a great risk of losing that customer forever. Moreover, the company is bound to gain a bad name due to all of this, and some competitors might even tarnish the company's reputation.

However, the thing is, during some huge orders or production rush due to demand, some companies tend to sideline the quality aspect, which negatively affects their brand, and the competitor acquires profits and customers. Why is Production given priority?
Mainly because production leads to collection of income from the market, and some companies are so obsessed with the money, that they forget about the customer.

If any product fails in the market, or the company receives a complaint in case the above scenario is followed, the Quality Dept. is blamed for it. But, if the product does not reach the market, the Production Dept. is blamed. It is neither the fault of either of them. Sometimes there is a discrepancy with the transport, or warehousing, or even finance dept. but they are not blamed. It is solely the fault of poor management and flawed planning by the company that spoils the name of a brand.

There are many companies which do not face these issues, and thus there is never a Quality versus Production issue. Such companies have acquired the utmost respect of the customer; but that is not all - the company has to strive even harder to keep up that image. Everything in a company is inter-dependent. Sales and Marketing are also equally important.

However, if there is synonymy between Quality & Production, your brand will be at the top sooner than you can imagine!

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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