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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why are the US Presidents so hyped?


 The first question that I often ask myself is this: "Why are the US Presidents so hyped?"

This is not the scenario every time, but mostly whenever I'm watching a movie about E.T.'s or Aliens etc. Right from the cartoons, to the illustrations, to the television series to the movies, only one thing is displayed - Aliens always land in America!

Why? Why only USA? Why not any other country? There are many powerful nations today in the world than you might think that are giving the USA a run for power.

Why do aliens have to visit the President of the USA only? Are there no worthy presidents on this planet? Is there not a single soul who is smarter than the President of the USA? Then why the hell are those aliens hellbent on particularly visiting him?

We are all familiar with the particularly old quote when the aliens land on Earth and want to make contact with human, they'll say: Take us to your leader...
Which - if read carefully suggests that the Aliens assume there is a single leader of this planet. And guess who the world turns to... The President of the USA. Why? Because, the aliens did not want to make contact with the geniuses, brilliant minds, and the smarties of our planet, and instead chose to speak to the Prez.

Who made him the King of the World? The panel of country leaders around the world can make decisions, and no one can speak for the fate of the entire planet by himself! All this is more of misinformation.
Be it the UFO sightings, or Abductions by aliens, or Crop circles - everything happens and starts first in the USA. Right from the Moon mission controversies, to the Presidential controversies, the Assassination controversies - everything has to happen there!

As for the controversies and all, I can only say, that every country has it's fair share of controversies, but very few of them actually allow it to surface let alone share them. It is just that the entertainment industry there, tends to make a mountain out of a speck, which leads to questions, to doubts, to hypothesis, right till the controversy. The government may have a few tricks up its sleeves which it doesn't want to reveal. Enter 'The Showbiz'! I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything but neither do I deny the existence of such claims.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that USA is all about providing the best entertainment.

Yes, now you get it - the movies, those television shows, etc. Hollywood is the heart of this country, wouldn't you agree? And the patriotism is reflected in any and every possible manner in the showbiz. They all believe in their Country and its President, and these hold the topmost place for any American I guess. There are very few other countries who respect their leaders so much, which if I may, I'd say are Russia and the UK.
The makers base their shows around their countries and its political status. Well, the proof that supports this is that some people globally know who is the President of the USA, but don't know who is the president of their own country! Shocker? Yeah! I know a few people like that...

However, the presidents have been at the receiving end of many spoofs and comedy movies for eg. in Monsters vs. Aliens, Scary Movie 3, etc. to name a few. It's nothing but pure entertainment, but a way of expressing humor and satire, which is lovely and enjoyed thoroughly.

I'm no hater, I love the country and someday I'll visit simply for the sheer awesomeness! It's about time the other countries started to hype their respective national leaders in a similar manner! Maybe then no one will ask such a question.

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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