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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quality - Introduction


The world that we live in today is a dangerous cesspool of frauds and scams. You cannot instill your faith into anyone or anything. Why? Because you don't trust what is being presented in front of you, or in the way it is being presented. No matter how much the quantity, what you care for is the Quality!

People often say "I want to spend a Quality time with my friends/family (or whatever)", and why do they say that? Because they simply do not want to spend time which they will not remember, they want to live that moment. Quality time means that they want to spend their time in a great manner no matter if only for a few moments.

We all crave for the quality - be it in our lives, our time, or be it our products.

Ultimately everything breaks down into our daily life, and the products that we use.

Money is not yet freely available on this planet and neither have scientists been able to create a plant that can grow money. Nor is money self replicating, unlike an Amoeba... which is really sad! (Man, am I headed for depression by simply writing this...) So, when we spend our hard earned buck on something we want (in some cases something that we don't want) we expect it to be up to our expectations.

If a you buy a Rolls Royce, with your earned/saved money (no matter how many centuries it takes on that pay-scale of yours, just assume), and you discover that it has a faulty engine, or shape defect, or dented, or anything at all, are you just gonna be okay with it? (These scenarios are hypothetical and are highly unlikely to happen)
- Definitely not! You are not getting what you paid for. Call the company or dealer, and if nothing works call your lawyer... that should definitely help!

This is an age where instead of buying a cheap roadside unhygienic foodstuff, and compromising food, you settle for a packet of food, or a restaurant/cafe, a bottle of water against tap water... All this for what? For your safety and health! About a decade or so ago, street food was good, tap water was healthy, there was cleanliness, and you hardly fell sick. Now, as compared to then, everything is topsy-turvy. Population boom, pollution, reliability on meds, etc, has made us weak.

A glass of outside water and your are chomping down your delicious medicines.

This is the time we realise how much Quality is important for us, and thus many have evolved to be Sanitary freaks!

So, how do we maintain quality?
More on this in the next post.

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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