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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Internet Error Codes



 You often come across some websites while surfing the net which show errors.
And everyone wonders what the error is. Very few know the actual meanings of these numbers.

Thus, for the well being of mankind, I have collected a few such details.
Memorise them, or simply return to this page if you ever need to remember! ;)

Internet Error Codes:

  1. Error 400 - Bad request
  2. Error 401 - Unauthorized request
  3. Error 403 - Forbidden
  4. Error 404 - Not found
  5. Error 500 - Internal error
  6. Error 501 - Not Implemented
  7. Error 502 - Bad Gateway
  8. Error 503 - Service unavailable
  9. Error 504 - Gateway Time-Out
  10. Error 505 - HTTP Version not supported/DNS Look up Fail/ unknown host
  11. Error 500-599 - Server Errors

If you know any other, do comment in the section below.
There are some who enjoy these error codes. For them, check out this website: Fab404 
Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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