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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time will prevail


What is time exactly?
I don't want the definition. I want the meaning of what time is.
For me time is a countdown right from the moment we are conceived to the time that we die.
From the moment we are born, it's always 'Tick-Tock' for us.

Counting down everyday, with every living breath. It is surely worth noticing how life boosts our morale by firstly nurturing us, letting us grow from feeble bodied innocent little beings to the grown up intelligent beings that we are - and then lets us go....

We begin our lives learning and experiencing love and happiness, which later mean not much to anyone. After that life is just a daily struggle for keeping you and your family alive. Every day is a task to stay alive.
You run after everything in your life. You run after what you want, what you need and why? Because you won't get it served on a silver platter.

Where does time fit in all this you wonder? Time has all the strings in its hands.
Today it is you who is late for office, college or school. What are you tyring to do?
Catching up with time.

You are trying to constantly running after time. You do not have a few moments to spare for a long lost fellow friend you just met on your way to your office, coz you'll miss your train, or miss your flight. You are afraid you might be punished or fired. All that stress really makes you blind towards all the good things in life. You just say 'Hi' to that friend and leave. It is only after some time has passed that you'll realise that you won't be meeting them ever again. You have to live with this regret.

Today we are so dependent on time that we have stopped living.
8pm? Time for the FIFA world cup.
12pm? Time to sleep
7am? $hit I'm late for work.
6pm? I'm gonna miss my train home
8pm? Dinner. I don't have time. Takeout it is.

I mean... isn't this the daily routine that we follow?
On a Sunday morning, we are like: "Just lemme sleep for God's sake! It's a Sunday"

It is at times like these that we even forget our family.
Whenever our parents call us, what do we do?
"I'm busy. Sorry I can't talk" or "Whatever you have to say, say it fast" or you simply speak rudely!
What the hell did they ever do wrong to you?
Are they all that bad only for being concerned about your well being? We all have time to spare for watsapping our friends and yet we don't have time for this?

The point is, we live in crazy times.
Today  punctuality can be seen in the museums - it is ancient - a thing of the past.
All of us are either slow, or running behind time, but none are with time.
We spend hours chatting on our computers and iphones but we do not have time to meet anyone?
We can play candy crush but cannot call our loved ones and say something as simple as a 'Hi'?
We have time for watching movies and TV, but not for someone who needs your help?
We shop for hours at the mall, but we don't have time to talk to our parents?

We have had to create machines to maintain our lives and to teach us how to live, apps to help us organize...
We need watches to keep track of time. I mean really... WTH!
You think money is precious? Try 'Time'. It is the most valuable resource in a world deprived of time. 24 hours are not enough for people. A lifetime is not enough for people. They would do anything at all to grip hold that time.

A day has 24 hours.
How much time does it take to dial a number and talk to someone? With the so called smart phones and skype and chatting services, I still doubt anyone maintains relations with their loved ones.
How much time does it take to meet up a friend or a relative at their place, or simply hangout someplace?
In those 24 hours can't you find time to spare?

Also, it is true that everyone has bitterness in their lives, spoiled relations with people who don't matter, hurt people who are a part of your lives for only some time, and all that enmity and anger... All that for what?
This lifetime will end at the time the least when you expect it to.What will you do with all that regret, anger, frustration and hate? Achaar daaloge?

It'll all be over in a jiffy perhaps. And with your life flashing in front of your eyes, what do you want to see? All this hate and psychosis and madness? Or a lifetime worth remembering and not regretting at all?

Time has and is will always be there. Nothing is stronger in this existence that is stronger than time.
You may learn it the hard way.

Time was there before the universe. It's been there through the birth of galaxies. It's been there when life started. Who knows till when it might exist? You have one shot at this life. At an average of 80 years of life, can't you do something good to this world? To hell with the world, can't you do something for yourself at the least?

Time gives a tiny itsy-bitsy moment, a glimpse of this massive gigantic universe that it commands to you - to live for a jiffy. And what do you do in that jiffy? Some bloody massacre entire species, kill, hurt, spread misery for the times to come. Some spread happiness, love, joy and knowledge. Some aren't lucky enough to be a part of this whole melodrama.

Why not live this jiffy - of average 80 years - in a manner that everyone whose lives you touched remember you at their last moments, and be glad that they ever met you....

Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate your inputs in the comments section below...

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