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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Heartbreaks, Breakups and the Aftermath


Sure you would be interested in reading this now, wouldn't you?
Everyone has been through such experiences. Don't deny it. Embrace it.

Now, a heartbreak simply doesn't mean breaking off with your BF or your GF. It can also mean sadness, grief or distress. But since the word involves 'Heart', humanity thought it would be better to link it all with "LOVE". :P

Heartbreaks - I'm not all that into the BF GF stuff and all. And I really don't think about venturing so far, after learning from the experiences of my dear friends. Everyone of them has had their fair share of ups and downs resembling the share market stocks, and very very few, minuscule relations have succeeded. The rest ended breaking up, or fighting, or simply going silent. But the worst part of all were the 'Heartbreaks'

I'll begin with our friends facing a breakup - the aftermath.
Everyone deals with breakups in their own ways. Plus, it is Gender free! ;)

The Gollum-ists
This is the worst condition anyone has ever seen their friends in. Boys and Girls simply crying to the point where they start looking like Gollum. Some who are not ready to forget it actually become Gollum, and keep quoting "My Precious"...
There are those who rejoice because now they are free, this is something they desired for a long time, but couldn't escape the clutches of their partner. They party hard the night of the breakup and the next morning, the Hunting party is back in the jungle.

The Glad ones!
Some are just glad that it broke off, because they did not know of any other way to do so themselves. They were just too scared of what would happen if they broke it off. They are very happy on the inside, but feel it is better not to express it. They just like to go with the flow. they don't question anything, and simply walk away.

The 'Depressionists"
Boy, these ones will make you feel like committing suicide. Everything is negative to them after a breakup. they feel as if the world is ending and nothing can be done to stop it. They go all 'cuckoo' and speak things that will make even a saint hit their faces. They stop speaking to people and go Blitzkrieg on anyone who talks to them. It seems like this is how philosophy came into existence.

The Drinkers! - Not the water type
These are the worst ones. since they lack the courage to face the challenges life offers them, they get drunk till they can drink no more. Anything alcoholic will work for them. In their dizzy state of mind, they do repulsive things like calling up their now- exes and crying over the phone, or hurling abuses, or sending texts, and sometimes even dropping by their doorsteps to express their feelings, or simply show up where they work to make their lives miserable.
Some even drink as a way to rejoice!
These are pretty people with serious emotional issues! They are very and believe me when I say this: Very very sentimental about their relations. Even if you go on for a breakup, it would take the courage of a thousand Lions to say no to their puppy eyes, and cuty faces. They don't utter a word, just shed a couple tears, and behave as if there is a storm surging inside them. But then, they are always like that.
if they are not at terms with the breakup, they will constantly question you and make you feel like a ghost is questioning you as to why you murdered him!

The Blackmailers
Now these are a true challenge! If one of these is your now-ex, then you are in some deep trouble indeed. The type goes on to spoil your future relationships. They stalk you, follow you, keep a daily check on you, and when the moment is right - BAM! They spill out details of your breakup to your new partners - and don't expect ANY word of it to be true. They just want you to suffer. Some are "Good Blackmailers", who without hurting your relationship, will blackmail you to return to them and threaten your so called love life!

Why Me's!
The only way these types deal with breakups is by eating. All they do is eat. Seems silly.. right?
Because apparently, some research proved that eating gets you out of depression... Fools!
So, they go all Yokozuna on themselves. Every time you meet them, you are like:
"What is this building blocking by view?.... Oh it's you standing in front of me..." ;)
They sit at home and chomp down everything that is humanly digestible.
They watch heartbreak moves, and listen to sad sad songs, and play video games. Numerous other things, like speaking to their pets, drama in real life, writing or singing sad songs, going out of contacts with any and everyone because they hate the world, and much much more make them a 'Why Me'.

These are the ones who need want to cut off from this world. So, what better way to keep you out rather than listening to music? Nowadays, the noise cancellation headphones are a favourite amongst everyone. I mean why not?
Who wants to listen to what the world has to say? I'm so smart, I don't give a damn about anyone... I'll just put on my headphones, switch on my Heavy Metal music, turn the volume all the way up to the point where my head resembles a Resonance Experiment and walk on heavy traffic laden streets. Turn my head around and be like: "Aw crap that bus is gonna hit me"
These types listen to lot of Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, go all Gothic and Black. They constantly listen to such music at deafening levels, and always stay away from the crowd. They are the ones whom no one misses when they are not around. Often seen as an isolated creature from the herd, who considers him/her self, and 'Ugly Duckling'

The Formals
These behave as if everything is a corporate meeting.
Their conversation goes like this:
"We should breakup"
"We are not able to give enough time to each other, and it is only in our better interests if we move on."
"Yes. We should. We can never be friends again, and we will never cross each others paths again Okay?"
It is like the love story of two rocks.There are absolutely no feelings involved on either sides. It is like those movies that come to a movie theater near you, and go away, then they return on TV, on DVD, on BLU Ray, and even on VOD - but you have never heard about it. This is like that. Who, what when, how and why? No one knows.

The Casuals
These are the most silly and seemingly laughable ones because it all ends like a joke, but for the ones going through this phase it is quite serious. There is a lot of melodrama involved. One is weeping and the other is trying to calm them. Talks on how it did not work out, why it has to be done, what has to be done now, why can't the relationship continue - are what follow.
There is a lot of rattle, lot of sadness and anger expressed. In coping with the situation, both end up arguing and fighting with friends, and some even land up being alone.
Entire days and nights of phone calls, texts, pings, and meetings take place before it all is finally over.
None of them both is ever as pissed off as the common friend, who has to be at the receiving ends.
It especially sucks if you are friends with both of them.

The Gandalfs
Mostly a Boy type! These are the ones who after going through a rough patch or a breakup, go on for days into isolation. They are facebook and twitter free, away from civilisation, in a far unknown world. When they come out into the open, they have a long beard which they proudly flaunt in the society. They dress in drabs, speak in a sorcery tone, and when someone mentions love or relationship, he's like:

Over The Phone
This is now turning into a trend. Everyone thinks about breaking up on the phone. Some are coward enough to breakup over as an SMS. I mean, this is a relationship for Gods sake, not a caller tune subscription. It's not like if you want to unsubscribe say 'It's over' and then move on. Be brave enough to face your partner before this. If you cannot foster a relation, at least don't spoil someones life.Sure enough, the one on the other side is confused as hell, and demands an explanation. This leads to more frustration and anger.
Seriously avoid this.

These are some of the common ones that I have witnessed and observed during my course of life.
All of this is no joke. This is just my version of it.

At times, things get pretty serious.It is really difficult to get over this, as it takes a toll on many. Many get over things easily, but for others it is a scar for a lifetime, they never get over it. Things get really sad and awful at times as well. But, remember it is all a learning process. Life is not over. You still have a long way ahead (unless you are 100 years old).

Friends are the best way around this. They will help you get through the emotional roller coaster ride, without a glitch. They will be your salvation, they will be there for you, if they are true.

Hope you can relate to this, and enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate your inputs in the comments section below...

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