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Sunday, October 20, 2013



I really love comic books, and I just came across some images on the internet and they got me wondering who would win if the characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics were pitted against each other.

Many know that both these rival companies share similar characters, but we are not pitting similar powered characters, this is all about more of a sort of curiosity thing as we have never thought about this more often... Your opinions are more than welcome and you can comment in the 'Comment Section' at the bottom of the page.

Here Goes:
Lex Luthor vs. Ultron

Brainiac vs. Thanos

Darkseid vs. Apocalypse

Two Face vs. Kingpin

Green Lantern vs. The Flash

Reverse Flash vs. Carnage

Doomsday vs. Galactus

Sinestro vs. Dr. Doom

Deathstroke vs. Deadpool

Sandman vs. Clay Face

Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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