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Sunday, May 11, 2014



Parents mean a world to all  of us. We are always under their wings, tucked away in their arms, protected from this world, away from harm's way, and most important of all dependent on them.

It has been almost everyone's experience that it would have been really hard to stand up for yourself without your parents help. Their support and motivation means a lot to us. Many consider this a science of passing down our experiences down generations. But in the end, no matter what, we all know deep down inside that it is those two people - our parents who make all the difference in the world to us.

Most often I am reminded of my visit to an orphanage along with a few friends some years ago. We dropped by during a trip because none of us had been to an orphanage before. It was a small house that had all these little boys and girls bursting with excitement that someone was visiting them.We chatted with them, played some games, and had fun. I still remember their faces gleaming with happiness.

On our way out, I just could not stop thinking about what the kids were going to do when we left. It was at that moment that I froze. Everything seemed just so messed up. Here we all are laughing, ignoring, arguing, enjoying with our parents and there they are living their lives doing some odd chores for an NGO so they could at least provide for themselves. Children with either a devastated history, or an unknown origin, or an abandoned past. Some rescued from death while some saved from the dark clutches of this world.

This was one place... there are so many like this on this planet! We were only there for a few hours, and these kids have spent their entire lives here. It was at that very moment it dawned upon me, that these kids had nowhere else to go to... THIS WAS THEIR HOME!

It all is just so wrong! We all have lived, had fun, had sadness and shared all those emotions with our parents who were always there by our side, motivating us, supporting us. We have a shoulder to cry on, a couple of angels to turn to who just smile and all the troubles in this world seem to disappear. What did these kids do to deserve this?

Fate? Cut that crap out... I'd say if you don't have the heart of a human or a spirit or even a bit of humanity - why the hell do you bring these innocent little kids into this world? To destroy their lives? It is really sad knowing that someone would drop these kids off or abandon them or even leave them to die. I pity such people...

What gives a right to these people to devoid these kids of their lives and names... and most importantly a family and a future? While everyone else takes their parents for granted, these children don't even know what parents are. They are devoid from the MOST IMPORTANT relation in this world. Why does this happen? What happened to this world?

It is said that God dwells in children. Maybe that is why these kids have so much strength and energy in them than any of us with privileges. Sometimes I am thankful that these kids are far from this society, from the claws of this humanity. They are still unfamiliar to this world where even death comes at a price.

I however salute those who run these orphanages! They are doing a commendable job for these kind souls. They raise these kids as their own, give them a life, feed them, give them a shoulder to stand on, and even give the kids a name of their own - an identity as to who they are in this world.

It is at times like these that I wish that life treated everyone equally - not in the sense of power and money, but with regards to love, happiness, relations and most important of all - Parents!

Those people that have/had parents looking after themselves are/were really lucky.

I don't say anything to anyone that might hurt people...
But, for the children who disowned their parents or left them to suffer or die.... are special. I'd like to tell them this:
"Screw you..."

Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate your inputs in the comments section below...

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