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Monday, March 10, 2014

Are we using Alien Tech today? #3



There are so many devices that have been churned out from thin air in the past few centuries.
Take the steam engine, or satellites, or automobiles for example. Where were these technologies for the past thousands of years since mankind is on this planet.
Why now?
All of a sudden, it is not possible for us to create something as remarkable as the internet, or wireless telecommunication. If ours is an ever-evolving brain, shouldn't these and millions of ideas have come up in those earlier years? How did we come to possess this unbelievable technology?

If you were to revive an 80s era person from hibernation, and show him this world... how do you think he would react?
Right! He would drive a stake through your heart thinking of you as a vampire, or burn you for witchcraft. :)

Seriously, the person would be devastated.

Think about the flash drive. We haven't found a replacement for something as precious as saving trees, but we have pocket sized Hard drives that can store Zentabytes of data.

Touch screen phones - Might be a tad bit funny, but think over it. How is it possible to develop something so complex and make it yet sooo affordable. How you can touch a screen, and connect to the world?

Automobiles - This is the most obvious one. Inventing a wheel takes thousands of years, but creating a vehicle takes only a few decades? Who believes this crap?

As I go on posting, I am curiouser and curiouser...


Thanks for reading, and do tell me if my posts are Wise or Wicked...

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